Kicking off the campaign to repeal the anti-union, anti-community bill SB 5, recently signing into law by Gov. Kasich, a major DEMONSTRATION has been called at the Ohio Statehouse for SATURDAY, APRIL 9 (Noon-3). There will be music, speakers from the various coalition groups and a great time!

SB 5 will destroy hard-won bargaining rights for public workers in Ohio, as well as restrict worker's polical rights. SB 5 is an attempt to blame hard-working families for the economic crisis which was caused by the greed of Wall Street financiers and the wealthy! The April 9 demo is an answer from Ohio's working families and their supporters.

BE THERE! Let your friends, family, co-workers know about the rally & BE THERE!

The referendum petitions, to put SB 5 on the ballot in November & DEFEAT IT are now being prepared. The people's coalition, WE ARE OHIO, will have peitions ready mid-to late-April. We need everyone's help! It will be a massive task! We will need to collect over 230,000 signatures from 44 of Ohio's 88 counties in order to qualify the challenge to appear on the ballot. It will be tough! They've got the guns & money, but we've got the people! United, we will WIN!

To get lined up to get petitions and help get the needed signatures, email or call Jeanette Mauk at the Ohio AFL-CIO (614-224-8271). Jeanette is also helping set up the FIGHTBACK TEAMS. lLet her know if you'd like to be part of the teams in the upcoming battle.

PHONE BANKS have been set up and are running, with tremendous, positive reception, at various locations around Ohio. Go to to sign up for phones, or just go the Ohio AFL-CIO offices (395 E Broad St, Columbus, 614-224-8271). Folks are getting a great many positive calls, for every lone negative they get. People realize that SB 5 is an attack on us all!

You can stay in touch with the labor-led coalition events and activities in the fight against SB 5 by texting ohaflcio to 313131.

Have a speaker on SB 5 come and talk to your union, community group, church, vet's group. Call the Ohio AFL-CIO (614-224-8271) and ask for Jeanette Mauk. This is all our fight!