You know -- and I know -- that fossil fuels are on the way out. Not only do they foul our air and warm our planet, but getting oil, coal and gas out of the earth has become more difficult and dangerous than ever before.

But we need to level the playing field so clean, solar energy can take off. Support the Solar Bill of Rights

Fossil fuel companies have received tens of billions of taxpayer dollars in federal subsidies for decades -- making it extremely hard for renewable energy sources to compete. Moreover, red tape and unnecessary paperwork make it hard for solar companies to succeed and for everyday Americans to go solar.

The U.S. has some of the best solar resources in the world, especially in our Southwestern deserts. But colder, cloudier countries like Germany and Spain are outpacing us just because they're more solar-friendly.

It's time to stop giving dirty fuels an unfair advantage, and let people decide which energy sources they want to use. Sign the Solar Bill of Rights to make sure solar energy gets a fair chance to lead our clean energy future