The Committee, appointed by Norway's parliament,  that selects the Nobel Peace Prize Winners will also for 2017 have a good range of candidates that fulfill the intention of Alfred Nobel; the Nobel Peace Prize Watch has posted its list of  21candidates qualified to win in 2017 here: The guidelines for our screening, are found here:

One country dominates the Nobel Peace Prize Watch, NPPW, list. Of the 19 persons nominated, 13 are US Americans. In addition we have 5 organizations, all engaged in freeing the world of nuclear weapons.

Presumably the NPPW list is fairly complete. The NPPW estimates that in the hundreds of other nominations the committee will receive not more than 5 more will be qualified. The following are missing in our list: Tony de Brum, Dennis Muskwege, Pope Francis, Bill Pace, Federico Mayor/UNESCO and we appeal to each committee member to, if necessary, use their right to add them in the first committee meeting 2017.

Five candidates are directly pursuing the core idea of Nobel, helping liberate all nations from weapons, warriors and war:

David Swanson, USA:

Johan Galtung, Norway/World:

Richard Falk, USA:

Medea Benjamin, USA:

Daniel Ellsberg, USA:

The other candidates are either pursuing the all-important topic of nuclear disarmament, decisive to planetary survival, or have revealed aspects and consequences of militarism that show the mandatory urgency of demilitarizing international affairs, such as:

Edward Snowden, USA in exile: and Chelsea Manning, USA

Kathryn Bolkovac, USA:

We attach our letter to the committee hoping it will help keep the selection within the Nobel mandate in 2017.

Our move means that the selection process is no longer secret – for candidates that are eligible.


Nobel Peace Prize Watch

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Tomas Magnusson, Gothenburg, Sweden

Questions? Phone: +47 917 44  783

The Nobel Peace Prize Watch is a project under the «Lay Down Your Arms» association in Sweden. Based on Norwegian lawyer Fredrik S. Heffermehl´s extensive research into the original meaning of the peace prize, we are seeking to correct many years of gross deviation from the visionary peace plan Alfred Nobel intended to support.