Everyone loves a good magic trick.  The magician Harlan Tarbell noted that magic is all based in the art of misdirection.  Misdirection is simply the form of deception in which the attention of the person is focused on one thing in order to distract their attention from the magic trick.   How about this for misdirection?  They focus massive attention on immigrants and Russian hackers stealing the election, while they and their party illegally remove/hinder millions of actual voters and, if that is not enough, use proprietary software to flip the election to their candidates!  Even David Copperfield must look at this in awe!  They say: “drain the swamp” and they fill the cabinet with people that would scare even the creature from the black lagoon!  Just one of countless examples is the director of the EPA’s (Pruitt) “Smart (for coal & gas executives) Sectors Program” that will allow coal/gas/oil lobbyists to dismantle all the EPAs rules that protect our air and water.  With this simple idea of misdirection comes the answer to who the world’s greatest magician is – it is Mr. Donald T-RUMP (like T-REX, the horrible dinosaur).   Having seen David Copperfield perform in Columbus, at least when it was over one was entertained and not in any danger from nuclear war, unhealthy air, water, food, or climate change, to mention just a few. But that is the reality for each of us now.  And all the while the Great Magician T-RUMP lies about everything, from big to small, all to misdirect our attention to him and not to what his administration is doing.  Most people reading this have a sense of community, and are able to think logically.  Thus, it is difficult to understand people who feel they are superior to all of us, and are entitled to do whatever they want to get whatever they want.  In medicine this is called the narcissistic sociopath.  That is T-RUMP and his minions.     How do we combat this??  For starters, we need to be like the character of Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny” and not be tricked by all the misdirection.  The Columbus Free Press is a good starting point.  One of the ironies of the narcissistic sociopath is that they strongly believe they are superior and more intelligent that all of us, but in reality their entire card trick is centered on emotion, arrogance, and stupid lies.  This is one reason they are so anti-science.   And this is their Achilles heel.   It is well documented in the medical literature that the thinking process of a narcissistic sociopath cannot be changed.  So one must go after their key point of vulnerability that is what they do is meant to hurt us.  That is where we should relentlessly focus our attention.  Explain in simple words how their policies hurt our pocketbook, damage our health, and mean that life will get more difficult for the vast majority of us.  In this way, T-RUMP will hopefully go the way of T-REX.