As a registered voter and citizen of Ohio, I no longer have to wonder why we can't get animal abuse laws passed? During House Session-December 5, 2012-Part 2, our legislators can be heard joking and laughing about raping animals while they discuss a bestiality bill against raping dogs which I am unhappy to inform you is legal in OHIO, other than being charged with a misdemeanor Animal Abuse. They talked about how sheep don't have enough protection in Ohio; following by open laughter (65:38 time), not chuckles or snickers, out right belly laughing. There were even a couple comments by a business man about his personal relationship with his sheep. Again laughter, not chuckles or snickers, out right belly laughing. For our lawmakers out rightly joke and laugh out loud about animal abuse shows there is a bigger problem than most citizens and voters realize. This is such unprofessional and immoral, uncompassionate behavior for elected officials. Governor Kasich, VOTERS AND CITIZENS OF OHIO, you should be totally and utterly disgusted to have these kinds of people representing our state. I’M DISGUSTED and I want something done about this. How about you?

Link to House Session-December 5, 2012-Part 2

In the service of animals as a voice for the voiceless,

Vivian Stevenson