Already drafted into World War III

Briefly, I heard reports about the war and how some of my fellow animal friends were helping to “liberate Iraq.” I hate it when my daddy leaves CNN on all day while he’s at work, because the news is so horrifying. I like the music channel or Animal Planet much better. But apparently, the U.S. military has drafted dolphins, seals and monkeys to carry out their dirty work, which in most cases, causes the liberation of the poor drafted animal from his life.

Dolphins have been used for many years in military situations, including learning how to carry nuclear missiles to a target. Now, seals are learning how to attack “enemy” undersea divers. One researcher found that these animals actually had to be brainwashed or mentally altered with electrodes implanted in their brains to make them killers. I wonder if they are doing the same things to military humans, or it is easier to talk a person into killing those of its own species?

Monkeys were taught to go into the desert and seek out land mines. Think about it. How would a monkey find a land mine? And how many pieces would the monkey be in when it receives its purple heart? I won’t go into the history and details of what happens to animals used for military purposes, it is too heartbreaking.

When remembering the innocent victims of the War on Iraq, don’t forget the marine mammals and primates who gave their lives and continue to be used in experiments that maim and kill them.

Elephants liberate antelopes

The greatest new story I’ve heard in a long time was in the Dispatch Sunday, April 13. In South Africa, there was a camp with an enclosure holding scores of antelopes. The antelopes had been rounded up and were going to be sent to another part of Africa for breeding purposes. One of them must have put out a call for help to the animal kingdom, because late that night, a herd of 11 elephants came onto the camp. As the elephants encircled the enclosure, Nana, the head elephant, systematically unlocked all the locks on the gate with her trunk. She opened the gate and watched as all the antelopes ran free. Then the elephant herd left. Mission accomplished.

All the humans are baffled. I don’t know why. Didn’t you see Babe, or Doctor Doolittle 2? Have you caught the Pet Psychic on Animal Planet? Animals are smart and compassionate. I understand everything my mommy and daddy say, and they understand me too. Especially when I say, “I would like an apple.”

Peace Snout!

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