The Ann Coulter book "Godless" tells that pretty much anyone in America can get a book deal if they look hot enough regardless of whether they are completely ignorant over matters over which they profess expertise and live close enough to New York.  I should think of moving for just that reason.  Publishers want revenue plain and simple, so if Anna Nicole Smith wanted to opine on Supreme Court precedents she too could get a book deal. That is because the crowd who judges books by their covers forget that every shade of blonde comes in bottles and contact lenses come in three shades of hazel.  Men flock to book signings just to give her their card in hopes she calls. That doesn't mean you or I should have to listen to her or care what she thinks in between the polluted air in her head.

Ann Coulter knows about scripture and the "God" worshipped by professing Democrats as much as Whitney Houston knows about AA, as much as Britney Spears knows about Mendelsohn and Brahms, as much as the Prince of Bel Air knows about Monaco and as much as Homer Simpson knows about Labor Law. Yet, you can read her opine on the faith and morality calibration of anyone she wants to spitefully label at length for around $35. Wait till it hits you can probably pick it up for $12 or less.

I, like Ms. Coulter went to Cornell, am 45, single, heterosexual, female, and politically active. I am an attorney however so my experience with the rule of law is a little deeper than arm-chair quarterbacking it. I am a devouted believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, King Solomon, and Jesus of Nazareth, my Christ. That's where the resemblence to Miss Ann stops. I am a Democrat. Oh-shock, the scandal of it.

Not to trash a fellow Alumn who I may run into one of these days at the Cornell Club in Manhattan but isn't this tripe about the Godless Democrats getting just a bit tired? Which really is the party profitting off the blood money murder of fabricating war generated by Terror when nearly every angel who ever appeared told us not to be afraid? Which is the party who lied boldly to create a fabricated pretext to slaughter tens of thousands of Iraqi innocents, and over 2,000 of our own?.

Which is really the hatemongering party? Which is the party that "casts no stones" better, and "judges not" better and "does unto the least of these my bretheren" better? Does God really think that an old gay couple who have been together for forty years can't have a ceremony of some kind to express love to each other with civil rights everyone has?  I am opposed for myself to gayness and passionately heterosexual in principle even while virtue restrains the practice but I don't care if people who love each other for a long time are also gay. It's not my job to judge them. Christ in scripture expressly told me not to.

The sophistocation of economic theory and policies that buries us in trillions of debt to favor war wagering over taking care of the sheep, while children go to bed hungry, homelessness abounds, affordable housing disapears, prisons fill and disease like Aids explodes isn't liberal heart thumping rhetoric- its reality for many who live in States not Connecticut. The compassion that relates to that woman who can in fact go even more out of her mind than Ms. Counter is on a regular basis by being pregnant with an absent male and no skills or means of support is as alien to Ms. Coulter as the despiration which Ms. Coulter will never experience.  It's easy to proclaim the lesser fortunate sluts who deserve their misery. It's harder to figure out the best way to help them.

Ann Coulter is a sad figure; she is so co-optedly made in the perfect image of the male ego gratification, as a throwback to an era where she must think all women have to do is mimic the Alpha male arrogant bigoted spite while looking hot to be taken seriously and paid well.

This would be amusing were it not so blatantly hypocritical. There is nothing God-like about insulting widows- Quite the contrary. God takes care of them and the taking care of them is a measure of Justice. There is nothing God-like about threatening Supreme Court Justices. There is nothing God like about judging people as spiritual inferiors just because your diamond cross came from Tiffanys and someone else's came from their rosary-and someone else doesn't wear one for the thought of idolotry. Ann Coulter has no husband and no children- yet feels free to castigate young widows who lost their husbands, young women who find themselves pregnant and anyone else she perceives below her class scale.

I am not afraid of mouthy bottle blondes- I will take you on any day Ms. Coulter. But don't let me run into you at church please because you will try my Christian patient kindness while I will be tempted to disrupt the service to give you a piece of my mind- and tell you for God's sake to die those roots before I tell your publisher.