Peace Justice and Environmental Project (PJEP) organizers along with the representatives of 38 networks and 2 coalitions that comprise PJEP, contribute to a surge in grassroots anti war and pro peace activity that marks the 7th anniversary of the US led invasion of Iraq this week.

Through the use of unique cooperative and collaborative software on network websites, activists have spread word of over one hundred and fifty local actions and events. Events range from bi-coastal mass protests with organizers in towns and cities throughout the US hiring buses and arranging for car pools to local teach-ins, speak outs, sing a-longs, street theater, candle light vigils and prayer services to regional peace rallies and demonstrations. Included are on-going peace vigils which have been occurring since the invasion began.

Joe Lombardo of Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, near Albany, NY, has organized a peace vigil for Friday night the 19th prior to getting on a bus at midnight for a mass mobilization in Washington DC the next day. He urged folks to: “Join us. It is only our collective effort that will end the wars; no one will do it for us.”…” It is time to end the wars and put the money into healthcare, schools and jobs.”

Jane Cutter, of A.N.S.W.E.R Seattle and organizer of a regional protest there said, “It is vitally important for progressive voices -- and not just tea partiers – to be seen and heard in opposition to the wars.”

Continued war and occupation in the Middle East also facilitates a culture of “war and terror and drugs in Colombia [that] devastated bio-diverse ecologies and sustainable communities..” there,” says, Eunice Escobar of Chicago’s Comite Anti-Militarizacion, one of the speakers at a March 18 rally that will precede a mass march in Chicago.

A current listing of these protests rallies, vigils, marches and more can be found at end of this message. A regularly updated list can be accessed on central site or network commons for 1500 participating organizations.

PJEP’s interactive tools allow activists from all 50 states to communicate directly with one another making the websites a commons where diverse groups, people and interests will work together. The events surrounding March 20th serve as an excellent example of PJEP’s potential.

Giving organizations the ability to unify and share their energy will serve to empower their causes. That is PJEP’s main objective.