On FISA, Congress and President Bush betrayed their commitment to protecting the Constitution -- and people all over the country are expressing their outrage. From the moment the ACLU announced our lawsuit challenging the new FISA law as a violation of the Constitution, we’ve seen a remarkable outpouring of pubic support. The next step in our all-out campaign is a dramatic show of public outrage in this Thursday’s edition of the New York Times. Stand with us: add your name to our July 17th New York Times ad.

Our ad will show thousands upon thousands of names streaming across a full page of the New York Times -- making it clear just how determined people all across the nation are to keep fighting for our freedom. The ACLU is challenging this dangerous new law directly in the courts. But, equally important, we must let Congress know that when they betray the trust of the American voters, they’ll hear from you in the court of public opinion. Send Congress and President Bush a powerful message: democracy is about the government listening, not listening in. And next time, stand up for our rights.

Ad your name to the ad

The deadline for submitting our ad to the New York Times is only 24 hours away. We’ll do our best to get as many names as possible in the ad, but may not be able to fit every one. Act quickly. Sign up now in support of our lawsuit.

In defense of freedom,

Anthony D. Romero Executive Director ACLU

P.S. This is one of those times when passing on an email to others really counts. Please get as many friends as possible to sign this ad. The broader our support, the sooner we reclaim our freedom.