Lago Agrio, Ecuador -- Before The Lord spoke unto Pat Robertson and told him to endorse Rudy Giuliani, family man, for President, the Reverend got a message that higher powers wanted him to arrange a hit on another President:

"Hugo Chavez thinks we're trying to assassinate him.  I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it."

Robertson has a tough time separating Church and Hate. But when the vicious vicar declared it was time to take out the President of Venezuela, he was simply channeling the wishes of the Supreme Authority, Dick Cheney.  

I'm asking you to see the story they don't want you to see in the USA:  from the original investigations filmed for BBC Television, "The Assassination of Hugo"- a special DVD documentary by myself and Rick Rowley.   NOT for general release - ONLY available as a gift to donors to the not-for-profit Palast Investigative Fund.

Why must they kill Chavez?

With the help of guerrila cameraman Rick Rowley ("Fourth World War"), I flew to Caracas to get the answer - from Chavez himself.  I also talked to the guy who took Chavez hostage in 2002.  (I had to wear a wire for that one.)  

The answer is right underneath Chavez' feet.  Oil.  How much?  According to the inside documents that fell into my hands from the Department of Energy - LOTS of oil, five times the reserves of Saudi Arabia.  

The DVD includes Chavez himself, in our extended exclusive interviews.  We go over the Bush plans - for his oil, and for his "elimination."  Sing along with the crooning champion of the poor - or, as George Bush titles him, "a demagogue awash with oil money."

Watch the film - from Caracas malls to the oil tankers by helicopter - the story I guarantee you won't get on the Petroleum Broadcasting System.  

PLUS two incredibly important reports:  "Ecuador:  Oiled and Despoiled" - my journey into the mud for Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, PLUS "Florida Con Salsa" - the theft of the Presidential Election in Mexico 2006.

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Your tax-deductible donation keeps us digging for "Just The Facts, Ma'am."   I'm writing this in the rain forest in Ecuador, where oil is prevalent as snakes- but more poisonous.  We donate our films to Democracy Now.  BBC pays for some of our effort - but not the expensive work of investigation.  That's your job.  YOU produce our work.

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