The President is attacking the programs for Senior Citizens as if they are members of fundamentalist members of a Terrorist War run by the aging! Is there an attack of the “Oldies” (these would be the Grups in Star Track series) threatening on our young American way of life? They have become these ruddy complexion, wiry, tenacious, aggressive tribes with the intent of capturing the wealth of the working American for the support of their common idle pleasure. Like a tsunami or hurricane, or tornado, or locus plague they slash across the economic landscape absorbing everything in site. But we are told that our administration will save you. They will tie up our resources to deny them their vicious greedy objective.

This is the propaganda that is being set in the minds of Americans to make the most ambitious strike on the "safety nets" for the aged, Yes, again fear is the tool and the focus is the lies that “Social Security is in trouble”. The enemy is ”The Baby Boomer Oldies,” who are coming! Can you picture them, creeping through our malls, squatting on our park benches, stumbling over our sacred grounds, their toothless grins filling the frames of our visibility? There is a gimmie here and a gimmie there. Their shaky hands always stretched out palms up, always talking with those squeaky shaky voices about “the good old days.” Our little children being attacked with their wicked walking canes, That is the Rove image of those “SS Baby Boomer Oldies.” In contrast to the - Shazam – “401 K and Wall Street Stock Market Oldies,” and if not different they will be fewer of them! This is the strategy of the devious mastermind of Karl Rove with Bush on the puppets stick again! Finally, if any “401k wall Street Stock Market Oldies” make it to retirement the evil twins will spread the to privately OWNED Retirement Communities located in tsunami prone costal paradises, or the tropical hurricane pen insulars, or the scenic plains of tornado ally where they my happily if not for long lives.

The target programs, which include S S, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, etc., are the objects of a propaganda effort to frighten Americans to refocus them to be Programs for the “New Young Investors!” They are telling young SS contributors that they can get rich for their retirement by taking their contributions in SS and investing them in the uncertainty of the volatile Stock Market. Yes, young American SS contributors are being told, “be working class or poor while you work and be rich when you retire and become an “Oldie” -- Let all the other “Oldies” fend for them selves!!” How silly and convoluted can a sales pitch be? How dumb can the American be?

The real reason SS is being targeted is the multi Ttillion dollars of contributions in the SS Un-locked box. These are regular contributions/taxes that some private corporation could profit off without any marketing expence. Yes, again the reason is the big money/funds/oil of the Senior Citizen (Oldie) retirement safety net.