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We are dismayed by the silence of so many churches. Here is an Open Letter
from Palestinian Christians to Western Church Leaders and Theologians

And my message for Christmas again (since then hundreds more were

Day 71 of the genocidal slaughter in Gaza: Israeli occupation forces killed
so far 19,088 civilians (nearly half are children) and injured 54,450. The
murdered include over 300 health care workers, 92 journalists, 135 UN
workers, 35 Civil defense staff (rescue/fire crew). But while the majority
of people in Gaza are Muslim, Israel also attacked Christians and their
churches. 600 christians are sheltering without food in a Church in Gaza
city and Israel ordered them to leave. An Israeli sniper murdered Friday
one mother Nahida Anton and her daughter Samar Anton in the church
courtyard (and injured 7 christians who will have no access to medical
care). Their home, like the homes of over 1 million Gazans, was destroyed a
few weeks ago. In another attack on Sisters of Mother Theresa church and
convent which houses 54 handicap[ped Palestinians that the sisters take
care  of. Israel here targeted the generator and the fuel tank to deny them
electricity. Even here in Bethlehem Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition
yesterday in the courtyard of the Church of Nativity. No Christmas in

Meanwhile Israel admitted killing three of its own hostages who were
carrying white flags "mistaking them for Palestinians." Reread that
sentence to understand the criminality and appreciate that Israel kills all
civilians in Gaza. Also two days ago, Israeli forces killed doze=ns of
people sheltering in tents in a Kamal Adwan hospital yard by bombing and
then bulldozing their tents on top of their bodies and destroying large
sections of the hospital. The scenes are horrific and if you have a strong
stomach here is a glimpse including of a starving cat eating human flesh

And while many children are dying of starvation in blockaded Gaza,
collaborative Arab regimes are helping Israel get its trade by land travel!
Yemen had courageously blocked Israeli ships using the Red Sea until Israel
ends its genocide/holocause of the Palestinians (it is actually an
obligation under International conventions to stop genocide).

Jonathan Ofir: I used to think that Yeshayahu Leibowitz's term
"Judeo-Nazis" was too strong to describe Israel. But today, I feel

How Israel used AI genocide programs to obliterate Gaza

Scientists Against Israeli Apartheid, Occupation and Genocide in Gaza

Israeli dissidents expose genocidal language (this is proof of intent)
[another area not covered by Western media]

Open letter to the Assembly of State Parties regarding the ICC Office of
the Prosecutor’s engagement with the Situation in Palestine

The Role of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Gaza:
Navigating Neutrality or Facilitating Inaction?

Israeli proaganda arms are spending over 100 million to spread lies and
distortions while its own military is killing journalists (92 so far) and
preventing coverage of the ongoing genocide.
Why is western media ignoring evidence of Israeli actionb on 7 Octber

Reopening Gaza slaughter house

Analysis: How does Israel get away with it? Prof. Jeff Halper explains

Israeli government ‘ordered assassination’ of Palestinian poet Refaat
'I am you': NYC Vigil Honors Palestinian Poet Dr. Refaat Alareer

If I Must Die
by Refaat Alareer
If I must die,
you must live
to tell my story
to sell my things
to buy a piece of cloth
and some strings,
(make it white with a long tail)
so that a child, somewhere in Gaza
while looking heaven in the eye
awaiting his dad who left in a blaze-
and bid no one farewell
not even to his f1esh
not even to himself-
sees the kite, my kite you made, flying up
and thinks for a moment an angel is there
bringing back love
If I must die
let it bring hope
let it be a tale
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