Afghan deja vu; A new Georgia Miracle? CA recall, New NY Gov; for the people, John Lewis Acts; National Summit 8/30


For our 61st Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom we note the American flight from Kabul, replicating the one from Saigon on April 30, 1975.

Has there been no learning curve?

We ask the same of REBECCA LANDAU and RAY MCCLENDON as we confront the unlikely Georgia Senatorial campaign of former NFL bust & Trump devotee Herschel Walker. 

Rebecca and Ray discuss the major post card campaign and other grassroots tactics meant to keep hold on Georgia’s US Senate seat in 2002.

With TATANKA BRICCA and others we examine the California recall; with JULIE WIENER we face the new Governor in NY.

With JOEL SEGAL we go deep into the major national summit upcoming August 30, 1-5pm eastern, to gather top national leaders & grassroots organizations around Voting Rights/Election Protection; a Green Planet;  DC Statehood; and Justice, Homelessness & Poverty.

This monumental zoom will allow key organizers to announce their campaigns, their goals, what they need and how to get in touch.  It will be the prime unifying event for the progressive community leading up to the 2022 mid-term elections…and much more.

We also explore the critical progress of the nation’s two critical federal election protection laws, the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT and the JOHN LEWIS ACT.  Both are tied up in the complexities of Congressional maneuvering.  This report tells us how.

We finish with a round-table of front-line reports.  If you are ready to work for a democratic and sustainable future in the country, don’t miss this show!