Our very packed GREEP Zoom #59 opens with a deep, difficult descent into the terrible crisis of homelessness.  As the Democrats fail to stem the eviction crisis, we look toward 3 million Americans shelterless and on the streets.
We hear from RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP about the terrifying fascist assault of the gerrymandered Georgia legislature against the state’s democratic election apparatus.
MAUREEN TAYLOR tells us of the crisis in Michigan’s voting procedures and the mass marches against it.
CHARLES MORELAND lays out the major progress being made toward the upcoming August 27-30 DREAM events for DC Statehood, a Green Earth & Justice.
JOEL SEGAL describes the upcoming August 30 Summit/Roundtable for voting rights & justice at the Plymouth Church in DC.  Joel also lays out plans for SMART ALEC, the exciting new coalition for drafting progressive legislation.
CHASE IRON EYES confirms there will be a Drum Circle in Lafayette Park the morning of August 30, followed by the delivery of a solar panel and plan for a Clean/Green White House.
We end with an amazing report from Arizona and RAY LUTZ on how he, JOHN BRAKEY & STEVE ROSENFELD turned a complete fiasco into an important democracy learning event for the whole nation.
There is much more in this action-packed session on grassroots democracy.  Don’t miss it!