The Cincinnati rebellion of April 2001 exposed the racist character of the city. Police brutality, segregation and economic inequality all contributed to an explosion of simmering anger. City Council and Mayor Luken proved unable or unwilling to address the dire issues of race in Cincinnati. Grassroots activists demanded justice and were met with beanbag guns. Segregation in the city has actually worsened while jobs for young African Americans are more difficult to find. Latino and Hispanic immigrants to our city encounter a culture of intolerance and exploitation. Arab and Muslim peoples, likewise, live in a state of fear and suspicion that cannot continue.

The August 9th Organizing Committee aims to unite the people of Cincinnati most affected by the racist climate of the city. Our voices can only be heard when we speak together. The Rally Against Racism on August 9th is a step toward building a diverse movement for justice and respect for all peoples in our community.

Join us for the next orgainizing meeting:
Sunday July 27th 4PM
Drop-Inn-Center (Elm &12th)

Co-sponsoring organizations thus far include:
Indigenous Cultural Advocacy in Resources and Education (ICARE)
Black Men's Organization (N. Kentucky University)
Students for Humanity and Justice in Palestine (SHJP)
International Socialist Organization
African Student Union (NKU)
White Women Against Racism (WWAR)
UC Anti-War Committee (UCAWC)
Coalition for Peace With Iraq (CPWI)
Students Together Against Racism (STAR; Northern Kentucky University)
UC Women's Center
UC LGBTQ Alliance
Cincinnati Progressive Action
Farm Labor Organizing Committee Support Committee(Cincinnati)
March for Justice Steering Committee
Female Species Collective
Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Anti Imperialist-Ohio
The Committee for Justice in Palestine(OSU)