Auora owns two feedlot dairies (factory farms), and are developing two others, and is widely viewed in the organic community, by both farmers and consumers, as a "bad actor", attempting to profiteer at the expense of the livelihood of truly ethical family farmers. Now they are attempting to "calm consumer concerns" by purchasing the blessing of a corporate-friendly alternative to the organic label. If you can't meet the organic standards why not go out and find or invent some other standards that you can meet? Money talks but the flatulence of the thousands of cows, on unhealthy, high-production diets, managed by Aurora is drowning out their propaganda.

For a long time watchdogs like Consumers Union have been concerned with the smokescreen created by invented "ego labels" that attempt to undermine legitimate programs like the USDA's National Organic Program. Aurora did not choose to become certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Certification Program, called a “highly meaningful label” by CU, or one of the other four animal welfare labels they critiqued on their web site (, instead they purchased the blessing of a corporate greenwasher in their attempt to cleanse their reputation. Why not just adhere to the widely acceptable organic standards?

Please feel free to consult our web site ( for photographs of Aurora's Colorado industrial dairy.

Aurora's primary business is producing private-label "organic" dairy products for major national chains such as Safeway, Costco and Wild Oats. Their milk ships all around the country and undercuts truly environmentally sustainable farmers. We have learned that they have just introduced their own brand packaged milk, High Meadows, in Publix supermarkets in Florida and High Meadows butter at Costco.

Mark Kastel
The Cornucopia Institute