As a point of reference and for disclosure purposes let me say that I am a registered Independent. I do not like to pledge allegiances to any group. All too often a party’s platform will change over time and I do not want my image tied to any party which does not reflect my views fully. As an Independent I can study and develop my views and I currently my views consist of a range from all over the politic spectrum with most being considered leftist, some moderate, and some conservative. I do not have the chore of squaring my views with committee heads of a political party that I will never meet. These views are mine and I really like the thought that I have the power to form and even change the views of my party- which is a party of one. The platform of my Independent party is my wholly my responsibility.

However, in this election I was pulling for John Kerry one hundred percent. I didn’t just want to vote for Kerry, I actually liked him. I passionately wanted him to win. I worked in one of the toughest, hard nosed and economically depressed areas in Columbus, Ohio, to try to get out the vote on Election Day. I spoke to real life gang bangers, Christians, single moms, and everyone else you can think of that would live in a poor neighborhood. I became a de facto democrat for this election. I worked for America Coming Together (ACT) from noon until nearly 9 pm on Election Day. During this whole time I did not speak to one person who said they were going to vote for Bush. By the time my shift was over I was uplifted and excited.

Fast forward to the night after George W Bush’s election and I find myself going through the election results like they are tea leaves. I’m shocked and perhaps even despondent. The most troubling aspect is how the loss should rest solely on the laps of 172,675 Ohio Democrats who voted for Bush! According to nine percent of Ohio Democrats voted for the republican incumbent. CNN gives the total voting population in the Buckeye State as 5,481,756. They state that thirty five percent of the voting people in this election were registered democrats. That means 1,918,614 registered democrats voted in Ohio. Now simple arithmetic will tell you that nine percent of that total is 172,675. Now compare that to the winning margin that CNN is reporting of 136,483 votes. What jumps out at you? One number is bigger than the other. Forget the security moms, the youths that did not leave their xbox long enough to exercise their most sacred right and responsibility, the women who were just as likely to vote for the anti-reproductive rights candidate as the one that guaranteed their right of reproductive choice, forget the Spanish vote that Fox News is thanking and many are blaming for Kerry’s loss in Florida, forget people who are trying their damnedest to chip away at the separation of church and state with political views being shaped more from an ancient manuscript than the Constitution, forget everything you have heard. If you want the no spin ugly truth the sad fact of this election as based on the numbers CNN is reporting is that the Ohio democrats, specifically the 173,675 that turned their backs on their party, cost John Kerry this election. Plain and simple. The numbers do not lie. The case is open and shut.

At the Republican National Convention Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller famously pulled his version of Benedict Arnold and endorsed George W Bush. During his speech he said, “This election will change forever the course of history, and that's not any history. It's our family's history.” As a poor custodial parent of a 7 year old son living from pay check to pay check I have to say, Zell you are right. This election will change my family and every family that lives in America and will certainly has made history. This election will ensure that those people making over $200,000 a year will keep their tax cuts. Good for that small minority. The election will make it harder for me to make ends meet in my household, never mind trying to save up for my son’s college education. This election will change the beautiful pristine landscape of Alaska into a natural resources exploration zone where oil cowboys will loot the state for whatever petroleum they can find while negatively affecting the eco-system. This election could change the quality of air I breathe and quality of water my son drinks from his schools water fountain. There is one thing you didn’t mention Zell and I don’t even think you would have thought it to be possible, that YOU and your group of finks who are known as democrats in name only have stolen a golden opportunity for the common people of the United States of America and the World as a whole. We had an opportunity to have health care for all Americans. We had an opportunity to lessen the tax burden on the working poor while requiring the top earners the pleasure of sacrificing a little more for the community that has given them the chance to make all that loot. We had an opportunity to embrace the world and take a second look at the Kyoto treaty. Unfortunately, you and your ilk have denied us that glorious chance for change. Your uprising has been successful. The thing that hurts the most is that you only planned to serve one term. So a one term only democrat speaks up for the enemy? Was the fix in? This smells fishy. No, I have no proof of foul play but when a guy with no political future sides with the enemy at such a pivotal time something doesn’t square. What I do know as fact is that you Zell are the embodiment of the 172,675 deserters. As a response to your mutiny I offer some words from my weary, sleep deprived, election hangover by moving my tear filled eyes up to meet yours and the only words that seem appropriate is, “Et tu Zell?” Or in other words- thanks for stabbing me, my 7 year old son, John Kerry and your party in the back- you bastard!!!

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