It's getting to be that time of year again- kitten and puppy season. We all know the woes of companion animal overpopulation- unwanted litters of kittens ultimately euthanized, puppies obtained for "bait" in dogfighting circles- so what can be done about it? The most humane and effective way of dealing with this problem has proven to be large scale companion animal sterilization. With this in mind, local shelters, veterinarians, and others have joined with No More Homeless Pets- Central Ohio to repeat The Big Fix: Spay/Neuter Week 2003. The Big Fix enjoyed tremendous success last year, sterilizing over 150 animals during the week of the event, and nearly 100 more over the course of the summer.

Awareness also was brought about by the event that reached thousands of homes regarding issues concerning animal welfare. Mayor Michael Coleman signed a proclamation calling on everyone in Columbus to alter their own pet or that of someone they know.

Success like that can be had again. However, since every penny of the 6,000 dollars that was donated last year went to spay or neuter animals, we are again asking for your donations. 25.00 can sterilize one cat, and 45.00 can sterilize one dog. Volunteers will also be needed leading up to and including the week of the event. If you would like to make a tax- deductable donation, please make the check payable to NMHP-CO/Big Fix and send it to:

P.O. Box 493 Worthington, OH 43085-0493

If you would like to volunteer or need more information please e-mail

Small battles like these are winning the war on companion animal overpopulation, and you are the heroes!