To All Who "Got Up On The Bus", and our attorneys, which includes Bill and Ruth Moss... Thank You for being an important part of my life!  In the passing of Bill Moss, God gains a great worker, and we will carry on stronger with Bills memory.  As for our trip on the bus, I have so many good and powerful memories.  Ruth, Judith, myself and so many others were dancing and singing along with Will B in Layfayette Park.  Bill speaking to the crowds about the huge injustice we were living in Ohio.  I only wish I had gotten to know Bill better, knowing of him for years, knowing him personally this year. 

My last conversation with Bill was at the entrance to the Rhodes Tower, where the office is located for our (so called) Attorney General for the State of Ohio, Jim Petro.  I was the lone protestor to bring to the city's attention that Petro had put fines and sanctions on our hero Attorney's... Bob, Clliff, Pete, and Susan.  I spoke to many that day about the happenings with the election and the attorneys.  I had made arrangements to give Bill photo's of our DC trip.  He met me there in front of Petro's office.  He wore a big smile when he saw me with my sign....

"Jim Petro Opposes True Democracy". 

Bill, thanks for giving your voice to issues that really matter!  Bill, as you pass from the difficulties of earth, enjoy the promotion which is heaven!  The place where you now reside is wonderful, I've crossed over briefly several times, and was sent back.  It seems I've got more work to do.  You did your work, and we are proud of you.  You shall be missed. 

Ruth and family, thanks for sharing this man with all of us!  My prayers are with you.  Enjoy the photo's of DC, and know we did make a difference.  You and Bill made a difference.

To all of the Freedom Winter Bus Riders........... Thank You!  We made a difference, please continue the work!

Bless All Your Hearts