As a young woman, I think that the Birth Control Mandate is a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act. It is so important that women have the opportunity to access birth control without having to pay additional out of pocket costs. Every woman deserves the right to decide if/when she wants to get pregnant; it is not fair to have to make a choice between buying books for class, and gas for your car or birth control. This is the case for many women who rely on Planned Parenthood’s health care services; this mandate will save women up to 600 dollars a year in co-pays. The Affordable Care Act is also beneficial because it eliminates any out of pocket costs for preventative care such as cancer screenings, and screenings for diabetes and high blood pressure. Planned Parenthood has been providing healthcare services to women for over 90 years and will be here for newly insured women who want quality healthcare from providers they can trust.
Acacia Cook