In a new twist, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell has distributed emails to his supporters using Libertarian candidate Bill Peirce's campaign theme, "Freedom to Prosper".

Peirce, an economist from Case Western University, unveiled his "Freedom to Prosper" plan during the initial announcement of his campaign for Ohio Governor this past summer.

The plan proposes to cut taxes across the board, eliminate Taft's increases, protect homeowners and business people from eminent domain abuse, and create real school choice for parents and teachers.

"I’m well aware of the linkage between low employment and high tax rates. There’s a growing consensus among many economists that economic freedom is closely linked to economic growth," notes Peirce. "The only way to get more rapid growth is to get more economic freedom."

Recent emails from Blackwell's campaign team notes, "I believe that government should give people the freedom to prosper." and continues to say "Ken Blackwell believes that no government has taxed their way into prosperity, and will seek an agenda that gives Ohioans the -freedom to prosper- by restricting government spending and letting you keep more of your own money."

"We're glad that Mr. Blackwell agrees so strongly with the Libertarian Party on this issue," states a surprised Robert Butler, Executive Director of the LP of Ohio. "I just didn't know he would take his campaign theme directly from our website."

The complete details of Peirce's Freedom to Prosper plan can be found at: