The Ohio Center for Native American Affairs is sponsoring a Christmas Drive for the new founded Healthy Start program in South Dakota. This program is located on the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Oglala Sioux. They are inviting all good hearts to join in on their circle to extend a gift to this new organization to help new mothers and fathers. They will be making blankets and would like anyone who also sews or crochets to join in. If you do not sew, a store bought blanket or any of the items listed on the web page would be equally appreciated. Wintertime is approaching and all warm items would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to just donate an item and cannot be present for any of our conferences, then please send item direct to the address enclosed on the web page to the attention of Fredrick Cedar Face. List your name on item along with Friends of the Oglala Commemoration. Oglala Commemoration,, Regina C. Landeros-Thomas. Ohio Center for Native American Affairs,