“Yes, son there is a Santa Claus.” “Yes, Son and Daughter, George W. Bush did win the Presidency fair and square.” Yes, Son and Daughter Bloggers are condemned to extension.” ”Yes, son and daughter, Iraq did have Weapons of Mass Destruction.” “Yes, son and daughter, Social Security is in crisis and must be privatized!!”  Now I ask you, which one of these statements are true??  The answer is that NONE of these statements are true!!! Everyone knows this but in the media only a Blogger will tell you the stark shock and awe truth.

Presently the popular term “Blogging” denotes the existence and growth of the many People with a Personal Computer, Who use them to report facts, figures, and events as they see them. This reporting, by Bloggers has become a problem for the Military and the Administration, which presently are using the “Traditional Media” for a propaganda vehicle for the undeclared “War On Terrorism.” Blogging has made it difficult for propaganda to maximize its impact on public opinion.

There are many activities presently being conducted to discredit and/or curtail Blogging. Blogging is presently being looked at for licensing by some federal agency. Blogging is being provided standards and accepted avenues for posting. The Traditional Media is trying to control Blogging by suggesting certain legitimate cites for Bloggers. The Blogger is being haunted by the push for “Limited Domains for Bloggers,” There are such activities as right-wingers following Bloggers with the intent if embarrassing the Blogger by first pointing out their inability to spell at times. They say such things as, “Don’t give up your day job!” or “You should be ashamed of misspelling words.” Or ”No one will ever take you seriously when you cannot spell.” And so on it goes.

During the past election season there were many “Posting Boards” on which Bloggers could post their writings. You can notice that the number of these Boards have dwindled to a very few. In addition, the Posting Boards that are left have become controlled as to what posting they will run for any time period. Comparatively. Of those populations needing to get their message out Blacks are at the top of this list. But Blacks are not doing significant Blogging!!

Another device of media control is seen in the intimidation of any group, who may have caused the Administration problems. For example, Dan Rather News Commentator for CBS reported that correspondence had come to him, which showed that President Bush did have a less than honorable military record. The information was subsequently said to have a questionable signature on the documents although the facts were accurate. This resulted in the firing of several staff members of CBS, the driving down of the ratings of CBS, and the forced resignation of Rather. The personal tragedy was the destruction of the repetition of the up-to-now Giant in Investigative News Journalism, Dan Rather and the general damper it put on Good, Honest, Investigative Journalism.

Will our government finally label Blogging as an act of Sedition or the act of Traitors??

But Bloggers are many in number and in addition are not paid for their writing. Moreover, Bloggers are not that easily muzzled by the wrath of the leaders of our Empire. Bloggers don’t let them take your computers!!