Dear Bill,

This is a note from an American radical.

We are few in number, but we do exist.

Time and again we’ve watched you bully your victims (or “guests” as you duplicitously refer to them) from your secure little perch high atop the food chain of craven and mendacious propagandists dutifully maintaining the pernicious lies that perpetuate the moral retardation and turpitude of this nation. You are a truly despicable human being. And by the way, Bill, characterizing you as a human being is a sign of our generosity and open-mindedness.

[As an aside, just what did Fox give you in exchange for your soul, Bill? Hopefully it was worth it because you are so deeply complicit in maintaining the mind fuck that enables your masters amongst the power elite to continue annihilating millions of sentient beings and destroying the planet via naked imperialism, neocolonialism, resource exploitation, factory farming, and a plethora of other evils.]

In an interview on “Sixty Minutes” within the last few years, you proclaimed yourself to be “working class.” Now that took some real balls to float such an obvious lie on a show with that many viewers. Actually, rather than displaying nerve, you were probably just being shrewd. As adept as you are at plying your craft as a professional prevaricator, you knew that many US Americans (who still believe in the magic kingdom of meritocracy and egalitarianism) would swallow that whopper hook, line and sinker. [If by some ridiculous chance you are making working class wages, you better tell Rupert or Roger you want to renegotiate your contract immediately!]

Being the avaricious and narcissistic careerist you are, you have clawed your way to the top of the dung heap of apologists for a system that is murdering the planet by “bravely” proclaiming your support of motherhood, apple pie, and the American Way. What most of your fans and viewers don’t realize (and perhaps you don’t even see it–though it is unlikely you are that unsophisticated) is that you are a Right Wing thug thriving in a Right Wing Nation where “liberal” mainstream politicians like Hillary Clinton would need to move several degrees left simply to make it to dead center.

It’s all so easy when you’ve got the backing of deep-pocketed corporate sponsors, isn’t it Bill? And how can you lose when you consistently shoot fish in a barrel by skewering mealy-mouthed liberal proponents of “fixing our system” (rather than flushing it down the sewer where it belongs)? To the indoctrinated masses you look like a hero when you beat such “threats to the American way of life” into the ground with your jejune tirades and then proudly proclaim that you “aired an opposing viewpoint.”

But not all of us on the Left in the US are so passive, mild, and impotent. Some of us are radicals in the sense that we get to the root of the matter. We recognize that the status quo, including capitalism, hyper-industrialism, militarism, environmental rape, corporatism, imperialism, and a host of other ills you defend so vociferously, is a piece of shit that needs to go, much like you.

We don’t give a fuck about being PC. We’d just as soon kick you in the balls, tell you to fuck off, and stick your microphone up your ass as to attempt to engage you in an intellectually honest debate (of which you are incapable anyway). Which is why you would embarrass yourself in a profound way if you debated a radical in a neutral venue.

You see, Bill, as small in number as we may be, there is a true Left in the United States. It appears that you either don’t know we exist or, quite conveniently, neglect to acknowledge our presence.

We aren’t latte-sipping pacifists who drive Volvos and “abhor guns and violence.” Some of us believe in the Second Amendment as fervently as reactionary libertarians from Texas. And we’re locked, loaded, and ready to exercise our right of defense by any means necessary, just as they are.

We see you for the wretched creature that you are. To us it is obvious that you and your ilk are the ones who belong in the American gulag of the prison industrial complex. Your work has figuratively fucked millions upon millions up the ass; it’s time you were on the receiving end of some of that action.

While we recognize that in the “land of the free” the alternative to at least ostensibly playing by the rules of the system is to sleep under a bridge or dwell in a cell, we refuse to fully dedicate ourselves to the depravity of the American Way. History has repeatedly demonstrated that revolutions will occur when conditions warrant it. Given the intrinsically oppressive nature of American capitalism, it is only a matter of time before such conditions arise. And when they do, people pursuing true democracy in America will be prepared to act.

We understand that many who engage in the banal evils of perpetuating the American Empire do so out of ignorance or coercion. They are the ones we move to awaken from the false consciousness fogging their minds.

We know that cynical, conscious promoters and beneficiaries of globicide like you are beyond reclamation and will ultimately be swept away by the forces of truth and justice you work so hard to suppress.

In short, we are friends to the working class and enemies of the ruling elite you serve with such enthusiasm.

We have a very weak hand, for now, and we play it accordingly. As long as Keynesianism, chewing gum, and bailing wire hold things together enough to shelter many US Americans from suffering too much economic pain, we know that scum like you will continue to prosper in this Right Wing Nation of rabid “free market” proponents who have been brain-washed to act against their own interests to preserve the “rights” of you and your ilk to continue raping the planet.

However, as powerful as you are, not even you and your opulent masters can maintain an irrational, unstable, and malevolent socioeconomic structure indefinitely. But it’s obvious you’re going to enjoy the ride all the way to the bottom.

Meanwhile, those of us struggling to forge a humane civilization will strive to mitigate the damage inflicted by the savage war you and your ilk are waging upon the Earth and its sentient beings.

Glad to meet you, Bill O’Reilly. Now go fuck yourself…..


Jason Miller is a recovering US American middle class suburbanite who strives to remain intellectually free. He is Cyrano’s Journal Online’s associate editor ( and publishes Thomas Paine’s Corner within Cyrano’s at You can reach him at