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Election Integrity.2
Urgent Election Reforms for the 2018 Midterms
(that Circumvent Media Silence): Reports from the Field

SATURDAY, June 3: 3:30pm - 5:15pm, Room: L.76

The most urgent, and under-reported issue currently facing our political landscape is what can be done to ensure a secure and accurate vote count for the 2018 mid-term elections and beyond. Although it has received little publicity, advocacy groups with funding, to small online conference calls—and now even a proposal to the Democratic National Committee demanding a 50-state strategy to overturn paperless systems—the urgency of this issue is surging into the national conversation. In a recent bombshell announcement on CNN, James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA warned, "There's a real danger here, because approximately 25 percent of our voting machines in the United States do not have paper backups, so if the electronics have been tampered with, you will never know, and you can't do a recount...We've got to get that fixed...The rest of this is very minor by comparison."

Strategies are emerging on how to move most quickly and efficiently to transparent and verifiable systems. Elections are locally controlled, and there is much that individual activists can do to affect the electoral process. Panelists will outline the concrete work they have done in their communities and discuss with attendees what each of us can and must do to put safeguards on our election infrastructure and restore democracy through honest elections in this country.

Jonathan Simon, Executive Director, Election Defense Alliance
Allegra Dengler, Chair, Citizens for Voting Integrity New York
YahNé Ndgo, Independent writer, singer, activist, Philadelphia based.
Virginia Martin
Democratic Election Commissioner in Columbia Co., NY
John Brakey, Co-founder of Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections—Arizona
Lulu Friesdat, Independent documentary producer and Creative director of Shugahworks, a documentary production company

Restore Sanity: How We Remove Trump Without Violence
SUNDAY June 4: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
Room: 1.65

Mass non-violent action has changed the world, and gives us the power to remove Trump without violence or impeachment. We discuss how.
Harvey Wasserman,,
Bob Fitrakis, Publisher,
Nina Streich, Executive Director, Global Peace Film Festival
Stephen Brown, PACIFICA
Greg Palast, New York Times best-selling author

The Death of Nuke Power, the Birth of Solartopia
SUNDAY June 4: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Room: 1.65

Atomic energy is dying & the green economy is skyrocketing...but will the transition come before the next Fukushima? How we make that happen....
Harvey Wasserman,,
Karl Grossman, Author
Danny Goldberg, Writer
Paul DeRienzo, Writer
Nina Streich, Executive Director, Global Peace Film Festival
Cora and Peter Weiss, long-time activists

Film Screening:
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
SUNDAY June 4:  4pm - 5:40pm
Room: L.63

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a tale of billionaires and ballot bandits," follows gonzo BBC/Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast as he uncovers exactly how Donald Trump stole the 2016 election. With special appearances by Rosario Dawson, Shailene Woodley, "Detectives" Ice-T and Richard Belzer from Law & Order, Santa Claus (Ed Asner in a Santa suit), Willie Nelson as a stoner musician (no kidding) and a group of billionaires that Palast hunts down, under cover, billionaires with names like "The Vulture" and "JP The Foreclosure King." With animations by "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" cartoonist Keith Tucker. Get the dope on Agent Orange and his cronies from the reporter the Guardian calls, "funnier than Michael Moore, more assessable than Chomsky and more information than Naomi Klein." The Hollywood Reporter and John Perkins both have named "Best Democracy" the best documentary ever. And meet the reporter-filmmaker after the screening.
Harvey Wasserman,,
Greg Palast, producer, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy