I am sorry. I can't help but comment on this one.  I sat by idly and watched the Bolton controversy unfold and have been uncharacteristically silent while I watched the GOP shove this Presidential prerogative down everyone's choking throats.  But I just got back from a tour of UN Related agencies in Geneva and Paris with the UNA and now find I cannot be silent with regard to Bush's choice for UN Ambassador.

First, has George Allen ever been to any international destination other than perhaps Cancun or the British Virgin Islands? Because the tea sipping pinky comment was replayed on BBC World News and he looked like his only exposure to anything international was watching reruns of Faulty Towers- like diplomats in Geneva ever sit in parlors and sip tea. They might be skiing an hour away in Val D'isere or on Mount Blanc and sipping sherry in the apres ski lodge, or maybe sipping Chardonay on the Lake, but Bolton wouldn't be invited.

Does anyone in the GOP have a clue about how badly the rest of the world believes that Americans behave? Does anyone in the White House have the first clue concerning how internationally ignorant we look?  Does anyone think that inspector Clue who looks and acts like the office bully he is will be an asset to American diplomacy? Come on people. Could we be setting ourselves up for disaster any clearer? No one will talk to us just on principle. You insist on sending over someone with the subtlely and nuance of a mack truck -even if it plays the tune of an ice cream truck upon arrival, it will be avoided, derrided, and undermined. Does anyone in the GOP have the first clue about how truly loathed we are? 

I went to the International Red Cross museum in Geneva. In it is a photo exhibit on "War" in which it displays disgusting horrible attrocities that our soldiers have done in the name of "Freedom." Under one was a caption in which it states in the first person voice of the photoed soldier that "they hate us because we love freedom."  What a load of crap.

I am not going to even apologize for the vernacular. It is a load of horse dung. They hate us because we are murderous ignorant self serving international bullies who think that with enough money and armaments we have a divine mandate to kill whomever we want whenever we want. They hate us because we follow immoral policies driven by greed based self serving "interests."  They hate us because we lie to coopt the world into War, which when unjustified is pure mass murder. They hate us because we redefine "torture" to create our own exemptions, and conveniently ignore international conventions when we don't think they suit our "interests." They hate us because we think that the rest of the world should serve our "interests" or we have a right to take out their regines and slaughter hundreds of thousands of their citizenry in the name of "Freedom" and even in the perverted name of Christianity.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether they have a right to hate us.

I will leave it further up to you to decide whether if any other country operated under this ethic we wouldn't be thinking about taking out that regime.

So against this back drop where we have seen exponentially more risk of terrorism as a result of the mack truck that plays the ice cream music as it approaches, we want to send Bolton in to preach UN "reform" and alienate us further from the rest of the world.

This time it's too dangerous. This time you don't want the Mack truck plowing head strong into the North Korean delegation playing the little ice cream music. You don't want the bully playing truth or dare with Colonel Mustard in the parlor. You really don't.

Everyone needs to call their Senator and express outrage. Do it immediately.