You all know how awful Clear Channel is with their push of Rush, Bush and the Iraqi war. It has gobbled up populist stations and muzzled free speech. Now, it seems they spread their hate to animals, too. The following information is not for the faint of heart, so take care before you read on. These events happened at Clear Channel stations.

A Denver disc jockey (KPBI-FM) was recently convicted of animal cruelty for orchestrating a stunt in which a chicken was dropped from a third-story balcony to see if it could fly. In Wheeling, a steer’s execution was recorded and aired for 129 stations during a live broadcast. Another similar event involving a Clear Channel DJ (KEGL-FM) in Dallas involved feeding a rabbit to a snake – on the air. (This station was forced to record a public apology on the air and publicize animal welfare information on their web site.)

In addition, Clear Channel’s Tampa station DJ was just charged with felonious animal cruelty for castrating and then butchering an unanesthetized pig in the parking lot of the station. Many consider this a ratings stunt. The animal was screaming in pain.

Boycott Clear Channel stations and contact their sponsors. You can also contact to complain about their content, their monopoly and their horrific stunts. All local Ohio radio stations are up for FCC review this fall, and public input is requested. See Do It! this page.

Boycott Clear Channel concert venues: A list of which venues to avoid is at: Local venues the Newport, Ludlow’s and Promowest Pavilion are just a few of those to avoid.