he National Organization for Women (NOW), its Board of Directors, and its members have received numerous complaints regarding workplace environment and employment practices at Wal-Mart stores, distribution centers and regional and corporate offices. Extensive public record on cases filed against Wal-Mart were considered and the allegations were found disturbing. They are sex discrimination in pay, promotion, and compensation; wage abuse; exclusion of contraceptive coverage in insurance plans; violations of child labor laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act; and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Cases have also been filed regarding firing pro-union workers, eliminating jobs once workers joined unions, and discouraging workers from unionizing. In addition, Wal-Mart continues to refuse to dispense Preven, the “morning-after pill.”

Consistent with the goals of NOW’s Women Friendly Workplace Campaign, NOW will name Wal-Mart a Merchant of Shame. Wal-Mart’s dismal record contradicts the worker-friendly image it projects to the public. Demand changes in Wal-Mart’s unfair practices. Groups actively boycotting Wal-Mart include public education advocates, anti-sprawl activists, and former employees. Why? Because the owner of Wal-Mart invested millions to fund the last California School Voucher Initiative and promised to do it again; because of development practices that destroy valuable historic or natural resources and put long-time local stores out of business; and for employee abuse.