The Freep was skeptical when corporate health food giant Wild Oats came to Central Ohio. We prefer to support the local food co-ops. Nevertheless, Wild Oats wooed the Free Press and we partnered with them as a fiscal agent for various nonprofits who participated in their wooden nickel campaign over the years.

Recently, one of the Free Press paper boys reported that after he delivered the Freep to Wild Oats, it seemed to be disappearing immediately. Suspicious of foul play, we visited the store and inquired about the problem. A clerk called the upstairs manager on the phone and asked him if there was a problem. She hung up and said the manager advised that we shouldn't bother to leave the Free Press there anymore.

When Free Press Editor Bob Fitrakis called to inquire about their recent change in policy banning the Free Press, the manager told him that we weren't "banned," there just wasn't room for us. They had too many newspapers and magazines already.

Hopefully, there won't be room in your life for Wild Oats. You should call up the manager directly and tell him you don't appreciate their faux progressive image while at the same time banning the community's only progressive newspaper 614-481-3400.

Don't bother shopping at Wild Oats anymore!

The Free Press is encouraging you to support the Clintonville Community Market at 205 Crestview Avenue. The Market is a successful co-op with the same merchandise as Wild Oats, and if you become a member and/or volunteer, you can get a discount. The Market is also associated with Simply Living and other progressive activities in the community.

Clintonville Community Market - Natural Foods, Simple Living, Good People, Building Community.