Dick Cheney's recent appearance at the NRA conference in Pittsburgh confirms this administration's commitment to violence and the abrogation of a humane approach to world peace. The U.S. laissez faire approach to Israel's retaliation to Hamas has further inflamed the Islamic world as well as the military's inept actions in Iraq. As represented by our current selected (p)resident, our government pauses at the action of creating any dialog of peace and increasingly trounces on the notion of peace as solution.

Why has the world view of the U.S. remained consistently negative? Why the NRA is a priority, as violence sweeps the world, is a sure sign of what our illustrious leaders have in mind for the future. Israel continues its dominance of the Palestinian nation with no stop to their inflicted violence.

Even if the rule is followed "an eye for an eye", then the Palestinian, Afghani and the Iraqi's surely have lost much more.

We need real leadership in the free world, someone to stand up for the righteousness of truth and justice without resorting to violence to solve our disagreements. I look thankfully to the EU for having denounced the unilateral statement of our president that redefined the 1967 peace agreement border. Every where we turn this administration abrogates any and all international agreements as if they want the world to embargo us. Where has common sense gone in U.S.?  The hormones of rage beget the hormones of self destruction.  Not good for the economy is it? As a Bahai leader once said, "A moment's reflection can save 70 years of pain." (Abdul Baha). How can we live with ourselves when knowing we or our leaders have not tried to ameliorate the hate that exists amongst us? Is there anyone who can be a REAL leader and guide us with wisdom and not with the mind of a school yard bully? This is not the country I idealize. How and when can the American people see that making one's arm flesh is not the answer to every conflict?

We stand back in awe as this current bully in office is guided by his neo-conservative advisors. They replace more leaders in our society with those of the bully coat. When things get tough they resort to strong arm politics. Meanwhile the statues in the Justice department remained covered. They were covered up around the time the Taliban destroyed century old statues in the Afghani countryside. Yes there are extremists in the world and we have them here in office. They cover the truth with the mantle of forgetfulness. We as a nation have a conscious that goes beyond today's memories of the leadership in power. They chase the old technology ways as if the future is never going to change. They channel their monies through the vehicle of the military industrial complex creating more of a violent economic base, a society oriented bully coat, while the innocent both here and abroad suffer under the oppression of its weight.

Isn't being in the world more important than owning a gun? Yes, all can agree to that perhaps even the gun owners. Isn't ameliorating oppression more important than using a gun as a means to an end. Dick Cheney says no. There is fertile ground for impeachment more so then any President has ever had till now. With more of their wise former peers inditing them, they are on the precipice, whether there is an October Suprise or not. Come forth and speak the truth, everyone. This is the our hour before Pilot. This time let's get it right. Where are the men in Congress who should stand up to this? Where are the real leaders who would recognize this abomination of our government? There are few but the majority does not exist unless we as their constituents remind them strongly (and in numbers) of their obligation to reveal the truth, and indite this administration. Yes we fear terrorism both here and abroad. Let's take the next step toward peace and rid ourselves of this administration and its abominable approach to world peace. Take off the bully coat. Impeach the (p)resident, Karl (Goebbel) Rove, Cheney, Newty Gringrich, the U.S. war council and the rest of those who would stop peace. Vote no for war and yes for peace.