Fresh from my utter frustration over the Democrats' failed (and pathetic, I might add) attempt to filibuster Samuel J. Alito Jr., I have to also admit that I'm getting Irritable Bowel Syndrome listening to conservative twits like Pat Buchanan declare that it is President Bush and VP Dick Cheney whom "Americans want to protect them." Exactly which Americans are they talking about, because last time I checked, most of the country's voters, according to the latest polls, think the Busheviks are responsible for much of the nation's woes. As for the myth perpetuated by Buchanan and other GOP spin-monkeys, maybe it's due to years of unfair double-standards in this country that Texans and ranchers are tough guys while New Englanders like John Kerry are wimpy prep-school sissyboys. It must be that, because it sure as hell ain't based on facts or on the record of these two draft-dodgers since they grabbed power back in 2000.

So to set the record straight, let's revisit this impressive record, shall we?:

1. It was on Bush/Cheney's watch that the worst terrorist act in our history occurred
2. It was Bush/Cheney who foolishly rushed to war over inaccurate intelligence
3. It was Bush/Cheney who grossly underestimated the insurgency
4. It was Bush/Cheney who defied experts like Gen. Shinseki and sent too few troops
5. It was Bush/Cheney who sent soldiers into battle without proper body armor and protective equipment
6. It was Bush/Cheney who've been wrong about every milestone in Iraq--fall of Saddam; death of Uday/Qusay; handing over of sovereignty; elections, etc--serving as the catalyst for reduced violence
7. It is Bush/Cheney who are the cause of over 2200 US Soldiers' deaths
8. It is Bush/Cheney whose actions have injured and/or maimed some 20,000+ soldiers
9. It is Bush/Cheney who've started a war that's spiraling out of control with no end in sight
10. It is on Bush/Cheney's watch that we've seen increased acts of terrorism around the world: London, Madrid, Egypt, Iraq and elsewhere.
11. It is Bush/Cheney whose grand plan for a Democratized Middle East has actually resulted in more U.S-hating radicals being elected in places like Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories
12. It is Bush/Cheney who promised to capture Osama bin Laden "dead or alive" and bring him to justice
13. It was Bush and Cheney who let bin Laden escape the hills of Tora Bora
14. It is on Bush/Cheney's watch that bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri's audio and video tapes are a constant reminder of how safe we are not
15. It is on Bush/Cheney's watch that N. Korea and Iran, largely unchecked by the U.S., have defied the Western world by restarting their nuclear weapons programs
16. It is Bush/Cheney's policy of torture that has made the world less safe for Americans and U.S. servicemen abroad
17. It is Bush/Cheney who've alienated us from virtually all of our allies
18. It is on Bush/Cheney's watch that U.S. popularity has sunk to unprecedented lows around the globe

Is there anyone out there who truly believes unCurious George and his sniveling sidekick, two inept war-mongering maniacs, are the best we have to protect America? Give us a f**king break.