Send a letter to Attorney General Holder: 'Prosecute Bush for torture'

George W. Bush has publicly admitted that he authorized torture. He must be held accountable. We are part of a worldwide movement to make sure this happens.

With open torture investigations in Spain, Italy, Australia, Canada, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom, Bush and his cronies have fewer places to hide.

For our movement, this is just the beginning. The American people have a special obligation to make sure Bush is prosecuted for his crimes right here in the United States. Can this happen? You bet. The people and laws of the world are on our side.

Click here to send a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding the prosecution of Bush for torture. After sending your letter, help us spread the word using the Email, Facebook and Twitter buttons at the top of this email.

Bush violated U.S. and international laws when he authorized torture, including the water boarding of detainees. Torture is a crime that can never be justified. It is illegal under the U.S. Torture Statue, the War Crimes Act and the United Nations Convention Against Torture. The U.S. Torture Statute provides for life in prison for anyone who commits, attempts, or conspires to commit torture outside the United States.

A U.S. appeals court said in 1980 that a torturer could and should be brought to justice wherever they are found. There is a global commitment to prevent torture and punish those responsible. The judges said, "The torturer has become like the pirate and slave trader before him . an enemy of all mankind."

These laws against torture aren't just words. They exist to prevent the kinds of brutal, inhumane acts authorized by Bush and company during the phony "war on terror."

The Department of Justice must send a message: no one is above the law, including former President George W. Bush. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has the power to make this happen. Add your voice to the growing chorus of millions demanding "Indict Bush now!"