While Bush I had problems with the "vision thing," his son does not. The core vision driving Bush II foreign policy is American global domination through economic and military coercion.

The Bush II rationale for global domination is aggressively presented in Project for a New American Century; it and similar scripts were drafted by radical neo-conservatives (neo-cons), many of whom now dictate Bush II militarism. So far, the insatiable Bush II thirst for global power and profits has produced:  

. Administration disdain for the United Nations and its often-     voiced derision of many of our closest allies;

. The ill-conceived and ill-fated War on Terror;

. Numerous false justifications for the invasion of Iraq;

. Unseemly threats to nations opposed to American militarism;

. Current plans for America assuming the role of the world's chief      police power;

. Super-opportunities for Bush-sponsoring war profiteers such as     Halliburton and Bechtel.

. A sea of red ink (federal deficits) so vast it threatens our national     security, and is starving vital state and local services.

We now know that Bush II repeatedly lied to us about his reasons for invading Iraq. We now know there are no WMD's in Iraq, no Iraqi uranium, and no imminent threat. And, as for Bush's desire to export democracy to Iraq, that is, perhaps, the greatest whopper ever told.  

Thanks to millions of real patriots (activists in the global movement for world peace), Americans are beginning to learn that much of the world now thinks Bush II lied about his reasons for launching his War on Terror. Bush administration stonewalling of legally constituted 9/11 investigative commissions raises very serious questions about the administration's complicity in criminal behavior, including the intentional hostile outing and reckless endangerment of an undercover CIA operative, and its continuing efforts to keep secret many important matters related to 9/11.  

In 1998, Bush I, in A World Transformed (page 491), declared that an American-led occupation of Iraq would lead to "incalculable human and political costs," and would "destroy the precedent of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish." But Bush II, seemingly left intellectually incompetent after numerous bouts with drugs and alcohol, totally ignored his father's advice and placed our troops and the entire world in harms way for false reasons, now shown to be nothing but intentional lies.

When a president and his administration lie to the American people about their reasons for using and abusing our troops, and are directly responsible for the killing and maiming of thousands of them, that can and should be construed as treason. When a president and his administration murder thousands of innocent men, women and children in pursuit of power and profit, that demonstrates a reckless disregard for human life, recklessness that borders on genocide. When the American media and the American people fail to rise up and condemn the treasonous and reckless behavior of their leaders, that is worse than ignorance and apathy; such behavior could be construed as nothing but naked cowardice.

Bob Zimmerman is author of The American Challenge: Twenty-One Winning Strategies for the 21st Century