Like Bill Clinton, George Bush seems to have some Teflon -like qualities. It is unlikely that the leaker of the info on Joe Wilson's wife's CIA connection will be identified. But as Bush and his bumbling team of lying incompetents continues to thrash, like Godzilla, through the assets and resources of the USA, knocking them down, destroying them, and creating chaos, the right wing is becoming and will become even more desperate. Here's a list of some desperate acts we can expect the far right and their legislative stooges to take:

-more Texas and Colorado style gerrymandering

-Florida and Georgia style vote and voter roll list corruption

-dirt slinging and accusations (like Paula Jones) just as Gray Davis used on Arnold, who clearly, was guilty.

-distraction tactics, including:

a.. Iran or Syria war
b.. Inflammation of N. Korean situation, probably started by heightened polemic
c.. announcements of arrests of terrorists
d.. orange alerts
e.. Roe Vs. Wade abortion fight
f.. Church vs. State skirmishes like the 10 commandments in the Courthouse
g.. Sexuality and Homosexuality issue conflagrations

-increased partisan acrimony in congress

-3rd party funded attack ads

-Fear, fear, fear and more fear

-Bringing up the Clintons. Beating on Hilary.

-Sanctimonious Morality Attacks

-More attacks on Liberalism and Liberals

-attack and harass vocal critics

-Blame problems Bush and DeLay created on Democrats, on Clinton

-trying to change the rules, break them (like passing a low that allows Arnold to run for president, as Orrin Hatch is talking up.)

-corrupt or convert susceptible democrats like Zell Miller, John Breaux, the Texas Democrat who broke ranks, allowing the gerrymandering to proceed.

-Last Ditch attacks on, and attempts to reduce or eliminate:

a.. taxes
b.. government (agencies, workers,)
c.. regulations

Last Ditch:

a.. give-aways to corporations
b.. privatization of government and commons assetes
c.. pardons of corporate criminals-- Enron, MCI, Tyco, etc.
d.. contracts to Haliburton and other friends
e.. axing of programs
f.. gutting of environmental laws and regulations

-And last but not least, they will try to reverse or fix elections. If they don't win the old fashioned way, they'll take stealing an election, like they did in Florida and elsewhere.

Of course these are the kinds of things far right wing Republicans like to do anyway. But in their desperation, they will be more aggressive, more reckless, less cautious and both more likely to do damage and more likely to get caught. It's up to those on the left to catch them and show the American voters how it was a mistake to let these foxes into the henhouse, and that it's time to clean up the mess and clear out the far right republicans.

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