When W builds his library,
I have a plan,
an old-fashioned 3-holer,
an outhouse set in quicksand.
A throne for Bush,one for Cheney,
one hole left for friend or dignitary.
Could be Powell,Bolton or Scooter,
letting Rice sit in would be a hooter.
Ashcroft,Rumsfeld,Brown and Blair,
all could visit,leave input there.

of "Progress For a New American
could send their bloodsoaked
regards from Hell or world
Perle introduced Bush to Chalabi,
felon and presidential wannabe.
They planned a "new world order",
plagiarized from works by Hitler,
which destroyed America's image,
made us all look littler.
Guantanamo could send barbed wire.
Guards are from Abu Graub's lasting fire.

remember Enron and "Kenny Boy" Lay.
Karl Rove,Scalia,and James Baker
share the hole as the royal king maker.
Big oil dug it deep.
Haliburton spread it wide.
Bush built his legacy
cronies and criminals by his side.
Hemorrhoids and piles,
it's hard to tell one from another.
One thing for sure,
they're as close as brothers.

Decorated simply,no presidential vetoes,    
just a plastic case of
choked on tostetos.
Tacked to the walls:
the girls' bills from the bar,
Laura's library card,she didn't go far,
pictures of W as he flew
away from the Twin Towers,
flying over the dome
where New Orleans cowers,
pics from the carrier
where Mission Accomplished proclaimed,
photo-op at Walter Reed
before we were shamed.

A red lockbox outside the door,
donations accepted like a lipsticked whore.
Religious Right kneels to pray,
"Will the Decider use corn cobs
or husks today?".
No presidential paper will be provided,
no reminders of a country divided.
A fitting legacy for a simple man,
who lied America into war
without an exit plan.