Call Senators Mike DeWine (614-469-5186) and George Voinovich (614-469-6697) to demand that the US government:

* Bring the Troops Home Now, End the Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pay Reparations to Iraqis and Afghans
* Stop US Military and Financial Support for Israel Until Israel Dismantles All the Settlements, Ends the Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, and Abides by All Relevant International Laws, Including United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194
* Appoint an Independent Commission, and Hold Open and Public Hearings, to Investigate the Bush Administration's Lies That Misled Americans into the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq (Support H.R. 2625 and H. Res. 307)

Mike DeWine: 614-469-5186 (Columbus); 202-224-2315 (DC)
George Voinovich: 614-469-6697 (Columbus); 202-224-3353 (DC)
[Call the Columbus phone numbers while Congress is in recess.]

The Press Conference on People's Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East held on August 27, 2003 was covered by WCBE, Ohio News Network, and Hannah News Service.  Our Central Ohio Peace Network lobbying delegation met with Senator Voinovich's district representative Khisha Fallon (614-469-6697) and Senator DeWine's regional director Scott S. Corbitt (614-469-5186).  In the course of our lobbying, it became clearer than ever that the Senators have no exit plan -- there is no end of the US occupation of Iraq in sight.  Ms. Fallon and Mr. Corbitt could offer no satisfactory explanations of missing Weapons of Mass Destruction and of extraordinary US military and financial support to Israel regardless of its occupation, settlement construction, and the Apartheid Wall building.  Worst of all, according to Mr. Corbitt, "we" may very well stay in Iraq for ever!!!

To their credit, however, Mr. Corbitt and Ms. Fallon promised us that Senators DeWine and Voinovich will present us with *Clear Answers in Two Weeks* to the questions of (1) the US occupation of Iraq, (2) US military and financial aid to the Israeli occupation, and (3) the need for an independent commission with open and public hearings about missing Weapons of Mass Destruction and other gaps between reality and the Bush Administration's claims.  The Rev. John Wallace, representing our lobbying delegation, will call the Senators' offices in two weeks, to hold them accountable to their promises.  (If they fail to give us answers or if they give us morally wrong answers, we'll respond by a big protest!)