The world is sliding into climate crisis and at the center is one of the world’s most destructive projects - The Alberta Tar Sands. As other sources of oil dry up, major oil companies, banks, investors and top US corporations are pouring billions of dollars into Tar Sands development.
Tar Sands oil, also known as ‘heavy crude’ actually produces more the twice the amount greenhouse gas emissions per barrel than regular crude oil. Front line communities on both sides of the US / Canada boarder are facing the direct impacts of this massive environmental injustice. Cancer rates are on the rise in both First Nations communities living near the Tar Sands extraction cite as well as in low-income communities, mostly communities of color in the U.S. who live next to oil refineries that are expanding to process the new Tar Sands oil.

‘We are seeing a terrifyingly high rate of cancer in Fort Chipewyan where I live. We are convinced that these cancers are linked to the Tar Sands development on our doorstep. It is shortening our lives. That’s why we no longer call it “dirty oil” but “bloody oil”.’ George Poitras, a former chief of Mikisew Cree First Nation

Oil from Canada’s tar sands currently supplies the US with ten percent of its oil and that number stands to double within the next decade. Increasing corporate demand for tar sands oil is driving proposed development of more than 6000 miles oil pipelines, twenty four refinery expansions, including the Marathon oil refinery in Detroit, MI and at least two entirely new oil refineries in order to process tar sands oil coming into the US

Strategic grassroots activism is more important now than ever before. Join the Tar Sands PMA hosted by The Indigenous Environmental Network, Detroiters for Environmental Justice, Rainforest Action Network & ForestEthics as we call those who fight for justice to converge and act, and Help us build a US-Based campaign to halt one of the Alberta Tar Sands, world’s fastest growing causes of climate crisis. Then join us for the rest of the US Social Forum as we continue to share resources and build power with over 15,000 grassroots leaders converging in Detroit from June 22 - 26. The coordinated movement for social justice will begin at these forums, workshops, planning sessions, and networking opportunities.

What to expect at the P.M.A.:

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• The latest thinking on campaign strategies
• Training for experienced and emerging climate activists
• Energizing community and new relationships
• An action-packed start to the USSF

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