CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 has chosen to feature Video the Vote as one of four pieces in its year ending “Keeping Them Honest” segment. Their Video the Vote piece will be featured on the CNN website in the coming days where viewers LIKE YOU will be asked to go to the internet and vote on their favorite segment. If Video the Vote gets the most votes, Ian Inaba, our co-founder (and one of our hardest working volunteers) will win the chance to represent all of us in an interview with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve. More importantly, if Video the Voters get the most votes, we’ll win an opportunity to highlight the continued problem of voter suppression by broadcasting your videos to the CNN audience.
So please vote for Ian Inaba, for Video the Vote and for doing our part to end voter suppression. Cast your ballot at:
CNN Vote Site

Also, please know that Video the Vote volunteers have continued to work long past election day. We’ve had continued activity in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and, of course, Florida. Video the Voters Jeannie Dean and Leonard Schmiege have been particularly busy this last month in Sarasota. They have kept focus on the absurd situation in Sarasota, at times when no other cameras were watching. Check out their latest updates at Video the Vote

We’ll continue to update you as your videos are put to good use. We’re working with our partner organizations from Election Protection to add video to their legislative and legal appeals. So if you still have video to submit, please let us know at Email