Join us Saturday May 2nd in the Short North as we protest in Solidarity with the people of Baltimore.
*Columbus students please read note at the end*

We are marching for the people of Baltimore.

We are marching in remembrance of Rekia Boyd, Mya Hall (a Black Transwoman who was killed by Baltimore Police on May 30th) and Freddie Gray, a Black Man who was killed by BPD on April 19th.

We are marching because the Columbus Police Department still remains silent on the community’s concerns though they promised us a response by the end of April.

At 6pm we will be meeting outside of the Ohio Union and marching to the Short North.

Why the Ohio Union/Short North?
We recognize that before the expansion of The Ohio State University and what is now called the “Short North” these neighborhoods belonged to Black/Brown families. OSU, the Gateway and the Short North have played a big role in the gentrification these neighborhoods and the police harassment of Black people who used to call these streets home. On Saturday, May 2nd, we are taking these streets back!

*Note to Students: We realize that this is the weekend before finals and we want our Black students to be able to graduate, so we are also doing a OSU Sit-In in Solidarity with Baltimore. For more information, follow this link:

Sign Ideas:
#Rekia Boyd
No Justice No Peace