The media has largely been ignoring the fact that the Feingold Resolution to censure George W. Bush has been gaining support among leading Democrats. The Corporate Mainstream Media made it a huge story that the Feingold Censure Resolution did not immediately gain massive public support from other Democratic Senators. Senate Democrats are starting to rally behind the resolution after exploring the issue and examining public opinion on the issue.

Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa are now co-sponsors of the Feingold Censure Resolution. Senator Harkin has written an excellent article on the subject titled “Why I Fully Support Bush Censure”.  This article can be read at Tom . Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina recently declared his support of the resolution.

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has started making comments supporting public hearings o the Feingold Censure Resolution. Many other Senate Democrats support public hearings and are making similar comments. The Senate Democrats are demonstrating their usual extreme caution but very few are publicly opposing Feingold’s efforts.

Comments by former Vice President Al Gore and DNC Chairman Howard Dean applaud Feingold’s leadership on the issue. Dozens of Democratic members of Congress are publicly on record supporting Feingold. Many members of the House of Representatives are taking a much stronger position by backing impeachment hearings for Bush.

Impeachment hearings after the 2006 elections are not out of the realm of possibility. Possible grounds for impeaching both Bush and Cheney have been extensively explored on the Internet and in various publications from The Nation to Vanity Fair. Impeachment is now a mainstream political issue and can no longer be ignored. In comparison, the Feingold Censure Resolution is viewed as very mild and moderate.

Large numbers of Americans support the Feingold measure in almost every reputable public poll. In almost every poll, more voters support the censuring of Bush than approve of Bush’s performance in office. The most recent polls show Bush have more than half the public approving of his performance in only three states (Idaho, Utah and Wyoming). Nationally, Bush has the lowest public approval rating of his Administration. His support seems to be falling from even these very low levels. Recent news developments have not yet been reflected in these polls.

The recent media reports that Bush authorized leaking classified information in the “Valerie Palme-CIA agent outing” criminal case will shred his remaining support. Once viewed as honest by the public, Bush is viewed by most voters as following in the footsteps of Richard Nixon, Ralph Reed and Tom Delay when it comes to being politically dishonest.

If these reports are true, we can expect both censure and impeachment sentiment among the public to grow dramatically. Republican political figures are running away from Bush and his corrupt supporters whenever possible. Censure is catching fire because of the corruption of Bush’s tactics and policies.

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