While attending Sexapalooza 2014 as an entertainer and presenter, I met many people in the sex-positive community of Central Ohio.

I'd like to take this column space to list some of the organizations, groups, people and places and provide a list of resources and information. I enjoy creating community, bringing people together for more knowledge, awareness, respect and love - especially for a more sex-positive society.

Adventures In Sexuality (AIS). Kinky? Curious? Check out Central Ohio's fun, educational, and experiential avenue for Creative Sensual and Sexual Expression. Within the banner of AIS, there are many sub-groups where people can find their niche. We are comprised of diverse members of the Ohio and National Kink Community. We are focused on Education, Outreach, Safer Play, Fun and toward building greater Kink Awareness and Acceptance within the Central Ohio area.
Here are some events and offerings within AIS:
  • * Winter Wickedness. February 7-8, 2014. This year the entire hotel is an all-kink/all-play space (except for the lobby and restaurant). Hurry and register for the fun!
  • * COPE: AIS Annual Sensation! The Central Ohio Perversion Excursion!
  • * Confidential Services: Portable, rental playspaces for the adventurous adult
  • * AIS Kink Labs: Fine fetish furniture for the discriminating kinksters
  • * Meet-N-Greets: Fun monthly gatherings to make new friends
  • * AIS-TNG (The Next Generation): A gateway to the Central Ohio kink scene for people 19-35 and their significant other(s). We welcome those of all genders, sexual orientations and levels of experience.

Happ E. SexTalk Happ E. SexTalk with Erica M. Butler, M.Ed. Making sure everyone has Healthy, Arousing, Positive, Pleasurable & Educated conversations about sex! Erica M. Butler, M.Ed is the Founder of HappEsextalk and has provided sex education since 2005, gaining an immense amount of experience teaching sexuality related topics to a wide range of age groups. HappEsextalk works mostly to improve sexual empowerment, self-esteem, and body awareness within females by engaging discussions, programming, and workshop presentations of various styles!

Power eXchange Summit. A celebration of all forms of power exchange relationships. Power eXchange Summit is a 3-day event that embraces all styles of power exchange relationships. Whether you are Dom/Sub, Master/Slave, Owner/Property, Taken in Hand or something you've defined for yourself, you'll find your relationship is respected and supported at the Power eXchange Summit. May 30 – June 1, 2014 in Columbus, OH.

Beyond The Love. An event focusing on polyamory and poly relationships. Classes, social spaces, activities for three full days, coming up this November in Columbus, OH.

Erotic Awakening Podcast. Join your hosts: Dan & Dawn, Lee Harrington, Barak & Sheba and more. Over 1 million downloads. More than 100 5-star ratings. 6 new episodes each month. Covering a variety of topics including: sacred sexuality, fetishes, power exchange, polyamory, BDSM, erotic spirituality, non-standard relationships and simply fun kink. Path of the Qadishti (POTQ). This group provides an introduction to Sacred Sexuality. They offer a variety of classes to teach an expansion and exploration of spiritual sexuality, sacred sensual touch, tantra and more.

Debra Shade. Author Debra Shade and her unique style of writing and expression. Her beliefs in sexual exploration and acceptance of others to find their sexual freedoms, is unique and freeing. Debra delivers candid and fun-filled workshops on sex topics such as: Are Sex Toys for You?, Embrace Your Sensuality, and Queer Answers for Straight Questions entitled Adult Recess: Sexual Taboos. You can find her books in a variety of shops and online.

Evolved. An eclectic group of artists in Columbus, Ohio united by our love of the dynamic and quirky profession of body modification. Creating a presence and community for those interested in exploring body modification. Charity events produced by Evolved that include suspension artists and The Dolls of Evolved include: Drauma (May) and Trauma (Halloween).

FetLife is a large social networking site for anyone with any kind of kink, fetish or sexual curiosity. Create a profile to find local groups, events and people. There are over 5000 kinky people in the Central Ohio area, and over 28,000 in Ohio that have profiles on FetLife.

National Leather Association International has chapters all over the United States and Canada. It is an association of leather peoples with a common philosophy. NLAI and SM/Leather contingents in the major national gay rights marches have brought together gay leathermen, kinky heterosexuals and bisexuals, SM lesbians and transgendered sadomasochists into a national integrated organization. They also provide information, classes and events.

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“The Power and Experience of Your Sexuality is Limitless.”

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