Glasses up for those French workers and Middle-Class people that are trying to save Western Civilization and its liberal democracy! 

In many other parts of the Western world, not so much in the Global South, for some people you are being classified as spoiled brats that want to retire at the tender age of 62. Some of these people criticizing the French workers and their allies have spent their whole lives getting kicked in the ass and can’t understand living any other way.

These are the same people that stay silent when children and adults are getting killed daily by gun shots in the USA. According to ABC News’ Kiara Alfonseca, so far in 2023, 9,870 people have died from gun violence in the U.S, as of March 27, according to the Gun Violence Archive – which is an average of more than 114 deaths each day. 

Our people have been so accustomed to get kicked in their behind that sadly they don’t seem to understand to live any other way. Here in Florida now it will be legal to carry guns with you without the need of licenses, permits or any proof that you know how to use a firearm. 

I live in Miami, spoiled brat’s paradise, where people educated under the selfishness of a Profits over People mindset are the perfect setup for a shootout in a traffic dispute, cash register disagreement, looking at somebody the wrong way, etc. 

Can the American people recoup their humanity? Of course, they can. But it’s going to need a reshuffle in the mindset of many so they can start caring for other people. You can’t fight for national well-being if you don’t care for others. 

The French workers involved in this fight, if looked at it from the prism of a Profits over People mindset, are fighting a banal struggle. But, in reality, their battle goes well beyond French borders. 

The French people are fighting to stop the bleeding of their past social gains that are now under attack from the neoliberal/neoconservative consortium that is ruling the Western world. The French workers and their middle-class allies are, and maybe unknowingly, fighting for the survival of the liberal democracy that once was the pride of the Western world. It is a class war, and the neoliberal/neoconservative alliance is incapable of fulfilling the Social Contract that was established during the New Deal. They are too far gone in their unbridled greed mindset that no equivalent of greed methadone will work with them. 

Think. In 2008 they almost destroyed the Western world financial system. In a mere 10 years later, they were back at it. And again, another bailout to save the Western world financial system. 

Let’s cheer on the French workers and their allies! Let’s think on how to join them!