Letter to Gaza I wrote 23 October 2023 But the
orgy of slaughter of Palestitinians since October accelerated and is
expected to get worse over the coming weeks of global "holidays" (The
Jewish state does not believe in a Christmas or new year truce). The
perpetrators gloat actually about the efficiency and scale of destruction
and even threatening to do more in the West Bank (already started including
in Bethlehem and Jerusalem), and to do the same in Yemen and Lebanon (two
countries obeying international oblibgations and law by trying with meager
resources to stop the genocide/holocaust that started in Gaza). Horrifying
"firebelt" bombing of whole neighborhoods (including schools, hospitals,
electric grids etc), starvation, and disease have not been used on such
scale since the  war on the people of Vietnam. But this is not Vietnam
where the Vietnamese had direct support in resisting. This is a besieged
tiny enclave with very few governments standing with it (though more and
more people do). This is an area  less than the size of metropolitan San
Francisco with 2.3 million people (most of them ethnically cleansed in 1948
to create "Israel" and half of them children) undergoing a deliberate
policy of starvation and thirst and having 75,000 tons of explosives
 (equivalent to more than 2 nuclear bombs) dropped on them. Diseases now
afflicting hundreds of thousands, >8000 children murdered, >55,000
civilians injured. Israel intentionally destroyed medical facilities to
ensure more deaths to those injured or suffering from diseases. Israel
(self declared Jewish state) is using US supplied Jets and bombs (painted
with Jewish symbols) and US diplomatic cover to commit this holocaust (even
as this violates US law and international law). I repeat: ISRAEL IS USING
more). Complicit western governments and the criminl state wat us to
believe weare helpless tobstop this genocide. Indeed many people may feel
helpless. Some can't sleep. some shut off the images of suffering. But this
time in human history is so pivotal and its ramification so large that we
MUST not look away and we must act. Each in their own way.
See letter I wrote to the global community earlier:
See Caitlin Johnsons pledge not to look away:

and Craig Murray on how we can stop this genocide:

We must elevate and increase the pressure. The US government can put a stop
to it with few words from President Biden telling his secretary of Defense
to stop the delivery of all bombs/weapons to Israel and for his secretary
of state to stop blocking UN resolutions.Please flood them with letters.
They must stop this genocide, we must stop this genocide/holocaust. Each in
his/her way.

This Week in Palestine is a magazine that for years has published brilliant
articles on life, culture, and heritage of Palestine (in an era of attempts
to dehumanize and eliminate Palestinians to steal the land). Their last two
issues focused on Gaza.

Social media is replete with information which we must disseminate widely

Pity the nation...

Christmas greeting from Bethlehem
2008 (15 years ago!):
2023 (recent)

Christmas Prayer by Rev. Judith Elia
Father Mother God Elohim Allah Allaha Elat Abwoon D’bwashmaya
The One who cannot be Named and the Unnamable One
Creator Sustainer and Destroyer
The One who rains and shines on All of Us
The Force of Goodness, Justice and Mercy,
To Thee We Pray for an end to this War in the Holy Land.
We Pray that Peace will Prevail on Earth and that Humans will end the
monumental destruction and suffering caused by Wars.
We pray for forgiveness and an end to revenge killing and settler
May we beat our guns and drones into Plowshares.
We pray for the people living in Israel and for the return of the hostages
and the healing of the hearts and souls of the Jewish Nation.
May forgiveness be our common bond and Love of neighbor be our greatest
May Truth be our Religion.
May we practice the Ten Commandments.
May we live the Golden Rule.
We pray for a peaceful passing into Eternal Life for the 19,088 civilians
(nearly half of them children) and the 54,450 civilians injured in Gaza. We
pray and give thanks for the Angels of Mercy, the 300 health care workers,
92 journalists, 135 U.N. workers,  and 35 Civil defense staff (rescue/fire
crew).  We give thanks for their service to the people of Gaza.  There is
no greater Love than this to lay down one’s life for a friend.
We pray for the protection of the 600 Christians sheltering without food in
a Church in Gaza city.
We pray for a mother Nahida Anton and her daughter Samar Anton killed
recently in the church courtyard and all those hurt or injured at the
Sisters of Mother Theresa church and convent.  We pray for compassion and
mercy for all those diverse humans sheltering in Bethlehem today and
throughout the Holy Land that all may be safe, all may be fed, and may all
have their basic human needs met.
We pray for the Sanctity of the Holy Land . May compassion well up and
forgiveness flow to heal the hearts of all people,  May Love may find room
to be born in the Holy Land this Christmas. May the Church of the Nativity
be safe from harm. May we contemplate the deeper meaning of this violence
in the place of the birth of Jesus Christ.  May we look into our own hearts
and souls and do the work within and without to bring Peace. Please join me
in this prayer for Peace within, between and among all living Beings now
and forever.
Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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