November 22, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the political assassination of John F Kennedy. In an affront to the 1st amendment right to free speech, the City of Dallas is in the process of controlling the event with the intent of preventing those of us who know, rather than simply believe, that a high level governmental conspiracy murdered JFK. The primary motive for the assassination was that Kennedy refused to fight the Vietnam war. His efforts to end the cold war by engaging Khruschev and Castro were at odds with the views of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, particularly Gen Curtis LeMay and Gen Lyman Lemnitzer. In addition, Kennedy threatened to break up the CIA. Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles from the CIA, only to have Dulles sit on the Warren Commission which investigated his murder. Kennedy was hated by J Edgar Hoover, and was expected to remove Lyndon Johnson from the Vice Presidential ticket. Kennedy's economic views challenged the oil depletion allowance, and challenged Wall Street. . As if all this was not enough, Kennedy was seen as too friendly to the civil rights movement.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has refused to give Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) a permit to hold it's annual moment of silence on Dealey Plaza as has been done for the past 49 years. Instead Dallas has given itself a permit for the entire week, although no events are scheduled for most of that time, and thus has excluded others from gathering at the assassination site. Dallas appears to be willing to cordon off Dealey Plaza to create a ticketed event, ostensibly for public safety.

This author/activist has created the website "" to resist this attack on free speech. Serious researchers and activists do not believe, as Dallas's Mayor Rawlings wishes, that the time to celebrate Kennedy's life is at the time and place of his death. Rather, the 50th anniversary should allow serious researchers the time and platform to express the fact that the assassination was organized at the highest levels, including the CIA. Our government, not Lee Harvey Oswald, killed John Kennedy on that day.

The establishment press has consistently backed the Warren Commission conclusion for over 49 years but 75% of the American public do not believe their media and their government. Why? I believe that many Americans have done enough reading and research to sense the deception and to understand that the government has been unable to make a convincing case against Oswald. For many others, the Zapgruder film clearly shows a shot from the front, and no amount of propaganda can change that. For still others, the condition (not to mention the alleged trajectory) of Commission exhibit 399---the Magic Bullet---confirms the falsity of the Warren Commission. Each piece of evidence against Oswald is in dispute, including the rifle itself, the shells, the fingerprints, the incriminating photographs, and especially the autopsy. Not only is there no single piece of evidence not in dispute which would convict Oswald, the totality of the evidence presents a much different and ominous picture.

Researcher Peter Dale Scott termed what followed after the Kennedy assassination as series of “deep political events”. First Martin Luther King was killed after coming out in opposition to the Vietnam War. Then JFK's brother Robert F Kennedy was killed on the night it became clear he was likely to run successfully for President himself, and thus be in a position to investigate his brother's murder and end the Vietnam War. After that came Watergate, Iran Contra, the October Surprise, the Oklahoma city bombing, and the possible assassination of Paul Wellstone. Then came another event as traumatic for a new generation and for our country as the Kennedy assassination, the attacks of 9/11/2001. These events are related by the underlying theme of preventing peace, justifying the enormous military budget, and expanding the Empire.

America will continue to be ruled by the Military Industrial Complex, supported by a shadow government of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Administration (NSA) and other similar spy agencies as long as it's citizens can be propagandized into believing the official versions of these events. The President and other elected officials know to work within the framework established by the Military and surveillance state. Acceptance of the myth leads to acceptance of the death, destruction, and unnecessary wars for Empire that follow. The corporately controlled mainstream "media" is especially unable to confront or even investigate these events and unable to tell the truth. Mainstream media serves the interests of the Oligarchy, and is being supplanted by the internet for serious investigative information.

But a dedicated and relentless group of researchers has exposed the Kennedy Assassination to be the work of our secret government. We must use the 50th anniversary to reinforce the fact that we cannot trust our government, and have not had reason to trust it since that horrible day in Dallas on Nov 22 1963.

Ours is not a "minority" view or a "dissent", it is the view held by over 75% of the American pubic, according to the most recent poll. Those government officials are constrained to support the Warren Commission conclusions are the “dissent;" they “occupy” a tiny minority of thinking on the assassination. The 50th anniversary, in view of the thousands who will come out and the global press attention it will receive, needs to and deserves to hear our point of view.

You can send a letter of support to Mayor Rawlings by going to the website and clicking on action items. Please consider making the trip to Dallas for the 50th anniversary on November 22, 2013. Help us speak Truth to Power.


The author is the President of the Board of Directors of the Columbus Free Press (, a member of Coalition on Political Assassinations, and a member of Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections. He is a Pharmacist living in Columbus Ohio.