The media giant Clear Channel has been busy backing legislation to allow it to extend its reach lately, but it has paused just long enough to support the war. Clear Channel has been promoting Glen Beck’s “Rallies for America,” on its corporate website and through Clear Channel stations.

Beck claims the rallies are not a pro-war but merely “intended as a venue for reasonable, thoughtful, and prayerful people who want the opportunity to express their support for our troops.” However, with signs stating “Support Bush, Not Saddam” and “We Love Tony Blair,” the pro-war message is all but transparent.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Clear Channel, which owns 1,225 radio stations and has coverage in every state, including Washington, D.C., claims that it has not sent directives to its stations to support the rallies; rather, they have acted on their own.

Regardless of the central headquarters’ level of involvement in the planning of each rally, when the country’s largest radio company starts blatantly manufacturing the news, heightened awareness is required.

Food for thought from the corporate website: "Clear Channel Worldwide (Clear Channel Communications, Inc., NYSE: CCU), headquartered in San Antonio, TX, is a global leader in the out-of-home advertising industry with radio and television stations, outdoor displays, and entertainment venues in 66 countries around the world. Including announced transactions, Clear Channel operates approximately 1,225 radio and 39 television stations in the United States and has equity interests in over 240 radio stations internationally. Clear Channel also operates approximately 776,000 outdoor advertising displays, including billboards, street furniture and transit panels around the world. Clear Channel Entertainment is a leading promoter, producer and marketer of live entertainment events and also owns leading athlete management and marketing companies."