Thank you to the hundreds who made it out on a chilly evening--at very short notice--to support the Mueller investigation and the rule of law! And thank you to everyone for your willingness to stand up for our Democracy and our Constitution! Even if you could not attend tonight, your pressure and perseverance is important.

Please join us in pushing for our demands:
- The Mueller investigation must continue unimpeded until its completion.
- Whitaker must recuse himself from the Mueller investigation oversight.
- All documents must be preserved that are related to the Justice Department investigation.

Here are three ways to help:
- Call/Fax Senators Portman & Brown and your member of Congress and ask them to demand Whitaker's recusal. Ask them to commit to protect Mueller’s investigation.
- Write letters to editor calling out Trump's assault on democracy & the rule of law & asking our MoCs to stand up.
- Speak out on social media and to your friends and remain vigilant and firm in defense of democratic principles.

Senator Portman: @senrobportman; 614-469-6774; Fax: 614-469-7419
Senator Brown: @sensherrodbrown; 614-469-2083; Fax: 614-469-2171
(OH3) Beatty: @repbeatty; 614-220-0003; Fax: 614-220-5640
(OH15) Stivers: @repstevestivers; 614-771-4968; Fax: 614-771-3990
(OH12) Balderson: @Troy_Balderson; (614) 523-2555; Fax: 202-226-4523

Join us!
The Columbus area “Nobody is Above the Law” rapid resist rally was organized by three local Indivisible groups plus Common Cause Ohio. Please ask to join our Facebook groups, follow our public pages, and find us on Twitter.
FB: Indivisible Columbus District 3; @OhioDistrict3
FB: Indivisible: Ohio District 12; @OhioDistrict12.
FB: Indivisible Ohio District 15; @OhDist15Indivis
Common Cause Ohio: @CommonCauseOhio
Find your local Indivisible group here:

Thank you, and keep up the good fight!