The Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government today issued a preliminary set of endorsements for candidates to the Columbus City Council. The screening process was performed in conjunction with the Columbus Coalition of Concerned Black Citizens.

The endorsements are currently listed as "preliminary" because the three incumbent city council members have not yet engaged in the screening process. The Coalition has a four-tier rating:

1) Highly Recommended,
2) Recommended,
3) Not Recommended, and
4) Unfit for Public Office

In addition to the ratings, the Coalition has a Special Designation - Champion of Democracy - which is awarded to the candidate whose scaled scores rank highest on the principles of a representative democratic form of government.

The Coalition is pleased to award the "Highly Recommended" rating to candidates Nicholas Schneider and Brian Bainbridge, and the "Recommended" rating to candidates Greg Lawson and John Lively.

The Coalition has assigned a preliminary rating of "Unfit for Public Office" to candidates Priscilla Tyson, A. Troy Miller, and Eileen Paley.

"We were impressed with the quality of candidates coming forward to serve Columbus," said Screening Committee member Michael Moore, "Columbus residents should be proud of those stepping forward to serve. Each of the candidates had unique strengths, and we could see where each one of them could serve effectively on behalf of the citizens of Columbus."

"Our analysis is that each of the four candidates who screened is eminently qualified to serve as a representative of the people to Columbus City Council. What is important about our endorsement is that candidates do not have to agree with us to receive our endorsement," says Asad Shabazz, President of the Columbus Chapter of the Coalition of Concerned Black Citizens. "We recognize that we are in a pluralistic society where all people have the right to their beliefs. But we do expect candidates to be able to talk coherently about the major issues and be able to analyze and articulate the key components of the public debate."

"The truth of the matter is that the Screening Committee members were very enthusiastic about all the candidates who screened, and the distinctions in ranking among those we recommend were slight. Each of these candidates showed a love and a passion for Columbus and is willing to bring his considerable talents to bear to make our city even better. Each brings a welcome perspective to the race for City Council. We have no doubt that these candidates have the requisite personal characteristics to excel on Council and we have no reservations about any of those recommended," says Coalition member Jonathan Beard.