What is a “scene” anyway? What does it look like, sound like or even feel like? What does it mean for a city to have a “music scene?” And if you were asked, “what is Columbus's music scene like?” How would you answer that question? I remember all too well the words of a very old musician who once said to me, “you will never have a strong 'music scene' in a town that is so consumed with sports.” I believe he was right. We all know most major cities across the country have some kind of big sports team. But here in Columbus, the Buckeyes rule, sports are everything and music is just a side note or not played at all. In short, one can take it or leave it. When you think of cities where music rules, which ones come to mind? Nashville, home of country music? Chicago, home of the blues? New York City, home of the eccentric, where “under ground” is cool? L.A., home for anybody looking to be somebody and anybody could be somebody so people are nice to you because YOU could be that “somebody?” Get my drift here? Even Detroit was once known as the R&B music Mecca. Those cities all have a “music scene sound.” Then we have Austin, Texas home of SXSW Music Festival, where music hopefuls from all over the world descend once a year to play for record crowds in hopes of being heard by someone who can take them and their music to the next level. I remember in my year of living in L.A, chasing my music dream, when I’d tell someone I was from Columbus, Ohio. Their first reply would be “Oh!, home of the Buckeyes,” and proudly I’d say, “yeah.” I was pursuing a music “career” and at that time it was said “if you want to 'make it' you have to be there,” meaning where the industry is. We all knew that “there” was Nashville, L.A. or New York. To this day I think nobody outside of Columbus is coming here for our music scene. They come here for business, sports or our fabulously renowned Ohio State University. The Ohio State Fair has more of a draw than our music scene. Columbus is also a great city to raise a family. You know what else Columbus has to offer that is really great? Columbus offers a great place to play music. But don’t look for any major record deals here because there are none. It has also been said, “If you or your band can make enough noise and pack clubs in your hometown, the labels will come to you.” Believe me, there are many talented musicians/songwriters/singers in this city and they are doing great things. We are also seeing more clubs opening up where these artists can perform their original music. There are so many music clubs here no one should be without a gig. And one of the best things about our music scene is the people who come out to support us. They, too, are part of the scene. I say “us” because I, too, am one of Columbus’ own musicians/songwriters/singers. And without the support of the people in this town, we’d have nothing.