With Bush's approval ratings sinking rapidly on all fronts, a dedicated group of activists, Not in Our Name (NION)/Columbus was working hard early this summer. Their aim is to inspire Columbus and other Ohio Cities to send the largest possible contingent of citizens to the planned national protest scheduled September 24 through September 27 in Washington DC. Meeting on the Memorial Day weekend Saturday, May 28, at the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Center, the group of six Not In our Name/Columbus organizers planned a series of motivating activities to amplify public awareness of the unprecedented opportunity presented by the September protest.

The September 24-27 March on Washington D.C. Protest is sponsored by ANSWER ( and United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ - Not In Our Name is a member organization of United for Peace and Justice.

"With the War in Iraq dragging on and the death toll increasing, people should be motivated to resist and attend the rally in Washington, D.C. in September," said Michael Gruber, one of the organizers at the meeting. Another organizer, George Bohichik, elaborated on this "We feel that millions of people are apprehensive about the direction this country is following, particularly the war, political repression and the erosion of longstanding political liberties. The protest is important and we feel that building an independent massive movement is the main way to oppose that direction."

Some of the activities planned by Not In Our Name at the May meeting included booths and leaflet distribution at events like COMFEST and Short North Gallery Hops as well as local cafes, churches and coffee shops. On an ongoing basis they will also be organizing in area colleges, universities and high schools. Other creative ideas were examined such as "Revolution in the Air" gatherings with music and spoken arts.

Not In Our Name is proud of the diversity of people active in the organization. Participants at the May 28 meeting included OSU and local high school organizers, as well as a businessman, a free lance journalist and a labor union activist among others. The national website for Not In Our Name is Everyone is encouraged to visit the website for more information (and inspiration!).

Not In Our Name, of course, needs and is seeking volunteers to help with their effort to inspire the greatest possible turnout in September's national protest in Washington DC. To find out more please contact George Bohichik at

At press time a bus from Columbus to Washington (fare $60) for the September 24-27 March on Washington protest sponsored by the Ohio Peace Network is listed in the transportation section of the ANSWER website, Interested people should check the ANSWER website and the United for Peace and Justice website for current information.

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