Call for contacting the Governor on February 19!!

Don't let Johnny Byrd be killed in vain! Remind Gov. Taft that we, the people of Ohio, do not believe in the death penalty and we will NOT FORGET that he killed an innocent man. Write, call, email and fax the serial killer, Bob Taft, on February 19, the day he executed John Byrd last year. Give him the message:

"Last year on this day, John Byrd, Jr., an innocent man, was killed in the name of the people of the state of Ohio. As a citizen of Ohio, I do not believe in the death penalty and I did not sanction that execution. I will not forget it and I will never let you forget that on this date you murdered an innocent man."

Also on Feb 19., join anti-death penalty activists at the Riffe Center at noon, State and High Streets where Gov. Taft's office is. Posters of John Byrd will be there to hold. For more information, call 253-2571 or email

Gov. Taft email:
Governor Bob Taft
30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117
Phone 614-466-3555